What town in Lagos is ruled by prostitutes?

What is the name of the housing estate, where prostitution is widespread? What accidents took place in this area? Read the article to learn all the details about the criminal town in Lagos.

lagos prostitutes

Lagos Nigerian prostitutes

Festac Town is a housing estate. But the known city quickly became a shelter of sexual workers. As all finances of the government was concentrated around Lagos, Festac decayed to unrecognizability. Now there no legal actions are carried out. Days of glory for this city have ended. Now one of the most prospering companies here is prostitution. Trade in sex, apparently, quickly develops as many commercial sexual workers were noticed with residents.

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First Avenue is the most preferable street for any prostitute living here. Marijuana is spread widely. It is sadly to note that even teenagers at the age of 14 and 15 years also often use this work type under the care of some other experienced ladies of advanced age who receive percent from their income. Recent investigation showed that most often sexual workers of Festac live in brothel. Many inhabitants know for a long time where they are located.

lagos nigerian prostitutes

Lagos prostitutes story and photos

According to the local investigating officer, some prostitutes live in the brothel located near the bridge and pay for the room about N3.500 daily. The room is shared by several people depending on their arrangement. The cost of sexual workers varies from N1.500 to N3.000 for short-term service while N3.000 is a minimum so the girl spent a night with you in her room. One of prostitutes who wished to be called Lucie told that because of the low cost of services she could take even two men for one night.

Several times when the police arrived to arrest them, they found out accidents in this place. For example, one of clients was found dead in the room of the girl after the night. One of workers was found in her room, but the reason of her death and name of the client who was with her, are unknown. Now they take detailed data of all men, who come to them on all night long.

The inhabitants living close to brothel say that such business should be stopped. They say a brothel, its prostitutes and clients who patronize them, cause big troubles. Loud music and noise interrupts their sleep all the time. They also say it makes a negative impression on their children. Loud music begins to play from 18:00 till 5:00 every day. The brothel becomes the habitat of many criminals and thieves. Residents of Festac wrote the application to federal Management of housing with a huge request to take all measures to eliminate this brothel.


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