Who is the pastor arrested with drugs in Lagos?

What would be if a servant of God starts to sell methamphetamine and ephedrine on streets? Well, it`s believed that he would be punished as a lesser mortal for drug dealing.

Drugs in Lagos

In recent years, pastors may be not only God`s servants but also drug dealers.  It was informed by The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency that John Arianze who is a pastor in evangelist church was arrested for attempting of smuggling narcotics to South Africa. Some drugs are enormous, as the law enforcements are informed, the total amount of 73 kilograms of ephedrine and 92 kilograms of methamphetamine would cost N1.5 billion on the black market. The pastor meant to transport this treasury in two cases to Lagos of South Africa. He did not manage that, might be that somebody from heavens helped him to find a right path up to the hands of police.

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According to Mitchell Ofoyeju, who is the spokesman of the NDLEA, the undercover operation for finding drug dealers in South Africa was a complete success. The suspected drug smugglers confessed in crimes and now should undergo through interrogation. The best helpers in this operation were sniffing dogs who managed to detect the whole pack of narcotics during the operation. The containers which supposed not to be filled with nothing illegal opened with kilograms of methamphetamine and ephedrine. As antidrug force confirmed, the total weight of drugs was 165 kilograms.

Drug traffic

 The officers found a trace of drug traffic in an evangelist pastor. John Vicent Arinze, 52 years-old, was transporting the drugs on his Mercedes-Benz. The NDLEA representatives managed to catch him in the hotel room in Lagos.  In a time of arresting, his car was near the hotel. He did not attempt to struggle against police but claims to be partly innocent in this case. The drug shipment was concealed in food, like noodles, yam powder, milk. Also, the drugs were found in cosmetic, alcohol, and non-alcohol drinks. The pastor claims that his decent wife was involved into drug traffic business. So, he claims that he was forced to take over the watch when she left the Earth.

Drug traffic in Lagos

The story of the pastor is not so bright. He used to be a preacher in an evangelist church in Ara village. As he informed, her wife was involved in the traffic of drugs. When his wife died, he discovered her side finances and desired also to be part of the drug traffic. Unfortunately for him, he was caught in one of the nights trying to do his dark deeds. Nevertheless, he confessed in drug dealing and didn`t resist when police cuffed him.

Pastor drug traffic

The Chief Executive of the NDLEA reported that anti-drug-dealing operation would have a positive effect on Lagos. The Pastor seems willing to collaborate; it means a nicer condition for him in prison and also more drug dealers would be caged. The NDLEA representatives report about more undergoing covert operations to deal with drug dealing. The locals are happy with anti-drug traffic operations as it may help to prevent methamphetamine and ephedrine from entering to Lagos. Nevertheless, the case with a drug dealer evangelist pastor seems to have “to be continued” in the court. The pastor will be an absolute example of solving cases connected to illegal crime activity throughout the region.

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