Who or what is the best companion that a man may have?

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if you will be able to create, manage and own your own business, then do not take partners. If not, then as needed. But you should always strive for the only business owner. And Yes, with whom and for what?

All of it is important. You must understand why you started the company and why you do it. With whom? The choice, as always, a small. Relatives and friends. Strangers are rare. From the street do not get a companion. It is important to note that now began to come in sight of the ads on the search partner for the creation and maintenance of joint activities. Such activity has even more pitfalls, so we will not consider.

It is necessary to know with whom you should work together. They are one of the founders of the decisions on various aspects of enterprise development, to develop a strategy and tactics to determine the level of pay for staff. Conflicts, external and internal problems. If you are not sure that this person will be able to determine the General solution, to resolve the dispute, and being in a difficult situation, he can't leave and not give up, it is better not to start working together.

If you are thinking about the companion's relative or friend, always remember, when joint activities, we can quarrel for a lifetime.

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