Why did Hausa youths attack a chemist from Ketu area?

What a chemist from Ketu did to Hausa youth, so they decided to kill him? What police thing about this case? Read more to find out!

 blasphemy clashes

The blasphemy clashes continue and there more losses. Emmanuel Emeka who own a chemist shop in the Ketu escaped death from the rioting mob. The Hausa youth tried to catch him and lynch for blasphemous writing about the Prophet on a magazine. If not the timely intervention of the Ketu Police Division, Emmanuel Emeka would have been already dead. The angry Hausa youth mob mobilized their power to destroy the chemist shop and lynch the owner. The police force took into custody the owner and secured the area around his shop. The angry crowd was tamed, but the tension still exists.

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angry crowd

The case happened around 9 pm on Sunday. The clashes might have transformed from the lynching of one man to complete killing spree between Muslims and Christians. As it`s known, Muslims are very sensitive to the question of the religion and especially the Prophet. Therefore, an even small comment made at a wrong time in a wrong place can become a serious reason for blasphemy accusation and lynch. According to the police report, the young chemist wrote something on a magazine which lately was defined as blasphemous words. One of Hausa Muslims saw the writing and desired to seize the owner of the shop. Some friends of the owner came to rescue him. From the other side, Hausa youth had already gathered for an attack. They started to gather weapons and fire to destroy the property and possible the life of Emmanuel Emeka. Fortunately, the police came right in time and took into the custody instigators of the fight. Moreover, they secured the building and separated Muslims to not provoke tension and riot.

Emmanuel Emeka

The police officers responded correctly to the newly raised hazard. It`s known that clashes between Muslims and Christians raised up in Nigeria. One of the most savage cases of recent clashes is the death of eight people in Zamfara. Therefore, the police try to keep things under control.

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