Why the Chinese don't like black people?

Is it true that Chinese people are really racist towards the black people? Read this article to find out!

chinese racism

China’s engagement in Africa is a distinctly 21st century phenomenon and it is still poorly understood by most people, most notably among Chinese and Africans themselves who are still getting to know one another. China Africa Project is related to the Chinese in Africa and Africans in China.

Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden are the duo behind the China Africa Project and hosts of the popular China in Africa Podcast. They give answers to the most pressing, puzzling, even politically incorrect questions the Chinese in Africa and Africans in China.

Let us observe the answer they’ve recently given about black people living in China.

Why are Chinese people so racist towards black people?

chinese racism

In general, Chinese people respond negatively to blacks, whites and people of other ethnicities. They take every opportunity they can find to talk about their 5,000 years of history. China has been almost exclusively a mono-ethnic culture that is basically ethnic Han Chinese.

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chinese racism

Throughout Chinese history there has been a strong belief that they are superior to all other countries and people. This fact has always been deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. Also consider the fact that the vast majority of Chinese people you meet have probably never interacted with someone of another race or ethnicity and, well, now we a cultural misunderstanding.

So, as you can see the answer is easy. But it doesn’t mean that there are no actual racists in China. The racism is an illness that still exists in every country and it has many faces.

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