African bodybuilders – 5 top for Nigeria

Think bodybuilders are amazing? Get the list of top five strong guys in Africa and NIgeria with their awesome photos.

Many people in Nigeria and all over the world are very keen on sport. Everyone tries to keep fit by various means. Nowadays one of the most popular ways to be in good physical condition is body building. It may surprise you but there are lots of African bodybuilders among the well-known athletes.
African bodybuilders nigeria

However, to talk about it in details we, first, need to know what the term itself means. Bodybuilding is considered to be a complex of exercises which helps to control your body and develops musculature. Moreover, it does not only concern the corpus but also influences one’s health in a positive way. Such type of sport combines both weight training and aerobic exercises. Thus, everyone can find an appropriate one.

What is exciting about this sport is that it attracts not only men but also women.     

Reasons of doing trainings

We have already mentioned that bodybuilding has a very good influence on your body and health. But why else do more and more people start practicing it? The reasons are as follows:
Reasons of doing trainings

Mental health improvement. It seems that we’ve all heard the saying “Healthy mind in healthy body”. But does everyone take it really serious? Many sportspeople say it is closely connected to real life. Exercises quite often help to reduce stress and anxiety. You can let the negative energy and emotions out.

Nutrition improvement. As the life goes fast especially in big cities, people usually forget about the importance of healthy food. We eat in fast-food restaurants, buy semi-processed goods. We spoil our health. Bodybuilding, on the contrary, demands special diet. You will need food rich in antioxidants like fruit and vegetables (for instance, tomatoes and oranges). These products may positively affect your memory and supply your brain with the necessary glucose.

Relaxation. With our rhythm of life, we always forget about the good rest. Absence of relaxation and sleep may cause stress and depression. Training will require not only work but also enough rest. Thus, you will get well-developed muscles and fitness along with good mental health.

Recommendations for African bodybuilders

If you decide to do this kind of sport, you’ll have to change all the life style. As we have said, you need to keep to a special diet, do exercises, sleep well and so on. The most essential requirements include the following:
Reasons of doing trainings bodybuilders

Weightlifting. To do everything right and to reach the results as quickly as possible you must find out how many sets are appropriate for you and which exercises influence the definite muscles. Sometimes it might be even painful but you should master yourself and do one more set of exercises. Besides, you should find out how much rest you require between the reps. There are different techniques of training (including drop sets, super sets, pyramiding) that should be learned.

Diet. We’ve mentioned special nutrition earlier. It is thought to be the hardest part of bodybuilding. First, you’ll have to forget about all junky foods. Training makes the dieting even harder. You’ll have to eat even if you are not hungry sometimes to make your muscles grow. The goods you choose should be rich in proteins. Do not forget about carbs as well.

Sleep. To have a good training you need to have a good rest and sleep. Quit staying out all night with friends if you want to get the results. Your muscles will grow successfully if you sleep at least eight hours. Remember that your body needs to heal, so do not overexert.

Drinking. Alcohol reduces testosterone and increases estrogen in your body. Thus, if you drink even once a week it can spoil everything. Besides, such drinks dehydrate you and it is not good for a bodybuilder. Moreover, they slow protein synthesis.

Supplement. This is an additional thing but people who need the result as soon as possible often use it. You should be careful choosing the one you need and the manufacturer. Bodybuilding supplements muscle men use should be suitable for a particular sportsman and carefully selected.

African bodybuilders - 5 top

Adesoye Femi Africa

  1. Adesoye Femi. He is a Nigerian bodybuilder known across the continent. He has participated in many competitions several of which he has actually won (for example, Real Man Nigeria 2011). Many Nigerians adore him, because he is their compatriot.

    Eslam ElMasry bodybuilder
  2. Eslam ElMasry. It is an Egyptian sportsman known worldwide. His summitry and body are very impressive. Although he currently resides in New York, all the African people are very proud of him. Eslam has participated in a great number of championships all over the world (including Egypt, Europe, and the USA).

    William Bonac Africa
  3. William Bonac. Originated from Ghana, he is quite a new face in IFBB. However, he has quickly gained fame thanks to his impressive physique. Now after several competitions where he has displayed himself he’s got the large amount of followers all over the world.
    bodybuilders Niamke Joseph
  4. Niamke Joseph. He was born in Cote d’Ivoire. He is completely new to big bodybuilding sport. However, he has already managed to display himself as Vice-Champion Novice de Cote d'Ivoire in 2014.

    Vicky Bance Africa
  5. Vicky Bance. It is a famous South African bodybuilder. He has just started his career so he isn’t that well-known as the others. However, he is successfully developing his body.   

You can find a lot of photos and videos of these and many others sportsman on the Internet. Thus, you can compare them and probably know much more about the competitions.

Tips of becoming a bodybuilder
Tips of becoming a bodybuilder

It has been pointed that to become a real athlete you will have to work really hard. If you are ready to try then you will definitely need some advice and help. However, not everyone knows where to find those tips. We can offer the following resources:

Bodybuilding videos. You can find a large quantity of videos in the Internet with the tips from the sportsmen themselves or from the other specialists in this field. They will show you various types of exercises and teach how to do them right. You may just search them in Google or use YouTube.

Articles. There are lots of such kinds of reading on the web. They offer not only training advice but also dieting, resting, and many other things on bodybuilding.

Books. You can find them either online or in a local bookshop. They usually contain the whole information on the subject including nutrition, training, resting, supplements, and so on. They are appropriate especially for the beginners.

It would be also great to talk to people who have already experienced bodybuilding. They may give you several prompts. 

It is not an easy thing to become a bodybuilder. First, you should make sure you really want and ready for the hard work. If you start, it is important not to give up. Remember, that it will be difficult and sometimes painful. However, the training will improve your body, health, and mental state.

Bodybuilding in Nigeria keeps gaining more and more followers. As you see there are many African sportsmen (among whom there are also Nigerians), who have managed to become successful. It means that it is possible for everyone to become the best African bodybuilder and be proud of yourself. However, do not forget about the nutrition, sleep enough (at least 8 hours), try hard, and never give up. Of course, it will take some time but the result will be visible soon and you’ll even feel better. Just keep in mind your purpose and follow the necessary advice.


Bodybuilding nowadays has become just a real boom. Bodybuilding is already fond of not only men but also women. The Beautiful and strong body are always appreciated, people always want to admire a beautiful body, artists often focus on a beautiful body at the creation of the next figment of his imagination. Today, people often go to the gym and, increasingly, they're taking them, make more motivational videos taken with the participation of famous bodybuilders. Beautiful body, both in men and women, it's always cool, beautiful, popular. So let us be like we!

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