Chelsea's new signing: Who is Michy Batshuayi?

Who is Michy Batshuayi? Why is Chelsea ready to pay an enormous sum of money for signing a contract with Michy Batshuayi? Read more to find out!

Michy Batshuayi

Football news is concentrated not only over Euro 2016. The new portion of information has come from football clubs. According to The Telegraph, FC Chelsea expects a new player to the team. His name is Michy Batshuayi. The signing the contract with Michy Batshuay will cost Chelsea around 40 million euros. It`s quite a precious possession for the club. So, fans of football would like to know about this player more as buying such a professional even for one of the best and richest club in the world is not everyday agenda. Who is Michy Bashuayi and why does he cost so much?

Michy Heritage

Michy Heritage

He was born in 1993 in Brussels, Belgium but his roots come from Congo. He managed to win one of the bizarrely odd awards of Belgium football – “Belgian Ebony Shoe”, which is meant for players of African descent. Michy started his professional career in Standard Liege where his successful performance helped him to be noticed for Belgium National Team. In 2015, the Belgians decided to bring the young Congolese to the National Team despite eligible basis for playing with the team of his parents’ birth. Afterwards, the decision has played its role as Michy Batshuayi starred on the Euro 2016.

Style and performance

Michy Heritage

Batshayi is named as one of the most expensive players of Chelsea. He managed to succeed in his previous football club and strike over 30 goals in his 78 appearances on the field. Analytics admires his street football style which he gained in the famous district football are of Brussel, Park Pirsoul. In the same time, his desire to entertain the public may play against him in the long run as showing off can lead to mistakes in a long run. Also, it`s needed to mention his “bad boys” habits as rebellious attitude to coaches and rules.

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The main reason for having Michy Batshuayi in the team is his versatility performance along with dynamism of playing. He was the first player who set a goal in Euro 2016 championship. Nevertheless, he is an independent striker. The Telegraph provides information that he prefers to play alone in the field and it`s rare case that he has somebody trustworthy to back up him in an enemy side of a field. Nevertheless, he managed to succeed and play with style with another player of his team, Radja Nainggolan. It has been rumors, that Chelsea also consider buying this player too.  Michy Batshuayi celebrating poses are also dynamics, one of the examples is a flamboyant celebration after the goal in Hungary gates on Euro 2016. He also does not mind to show victory dance after a goal.


Respectably, The Blues is one of the richest and capable football club on all continents. It seems that managers of Chelsea managed to strike a great deal for having Michy Batshuaiy in the team. Nevertheless, it may be called as one of the most expensive transfer in football history. Apparently, Chelsea fans and managers expect lot of him to present in their football club and next football seasons to come. Despite his rebellious spirit and bad boy attitude, he may provide the viewers a great football. Nevertheless, the bad boy attitude should be analyzed by The Blues` coaches as it may be played for Chelsea and against it.

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