Did you expect Real Madrid to win the Champions League 2016?

How did the games of football Champions League 2016 end? What team did become a winner this year? Read the news below to learn all hot details of the last match.

Audience and fans of soccer looked forward to the end of games of Champions League to know what team will win a victory this year. Someone staked on Real Madrid and wasn't mistaken.

Champions League 2016

On Saturday, May 28, Champions League 2016 final, in which teams from Madrid – Real and Atletico – played, took place.

The match was effectively open by Diego Simeone, but Real Madrid has caused a stir in the first match. On the 15th minute of meeting after draw of penalty the goal was scored by Sergio Ramos. He has managed to transport a ball from several meters after Gareth Bale.

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Real Madrid

Before break, Atletico was succeeded to take an initiative in match, but they couldn't realize their advantage.

On start of the second half, Griezmann had a fine opportunity to make the score even after the arbitrator has appointed a penalty towards Real gates for rough game of Pepe on Torres. But the forward of Atletico has got to a crossbeam from the point.

Atletico continued to attack and on the 79th minute of match Yannick Carrasco after Juanfran's lumbago from the right flank has restored equality in the score.

Champions League

After passed ball, Real began to play more actively, but before final whistle of the main time Zinedine Zidane's team has created nothing dangerous at the gate of the rival.

Two additional extra-times have also not revealed the strongest team and the case has reached a penalty series, luck in which has smiled to Real. Juanfran's blow in Cristiano Ronaldo's crossbar has brought to Real his 11th Cup of champions.

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