Does running burn belly fat?

Do you want to start running, but you don’t know how effective it is? Do you want to know how to organize your training? Read this article and find the answers to your questions!

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Many people, who decided to start losing weight, are worried about a question: “Does running really burn belly fat?” Belly is the most problematic area in men’s and women’s body. Primarily, fat deposits are formed here in the maximum quantity. And these fat deposits are tough to remove.

The benefit of running is known to all. Running is the best cardio training, so necessary to any human. But running is not the only path to health, but the way to a beautiful figure and a good mood.

How effective is running for weight loss belly?

During running our body works in “overdrive mode”, heart pulps the blood through the body three times faster. In result, metabolism is accelerated, and all body cells are saturated with oxygen. Toxins go out with sweat after a long workout. Also, it normalizes liver and gastrointestinal tract. All this is accompanied by a decrease in the volume of belly and weight loss in general.

It is also important that when we run, work all the muscle groups, including muscles of the belly, making it more toned.

The energy for running with the correct organization human body receives from fat reserves accumulated in belly, hips, buttocks and arms.

To summarize, we can say that running helps to remove belly fat and to lose extra weight. Aerobic exercises are the trump card in the fight against fat in the belly. It is the most efficient way to lose weight and to look fit.

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How should we run to have result?

There are some tips which help to make your running plan and make the training more effective.

  1. It is better to start running in the morning. When the body is just waking up, it is ready to different kinds of loads. What is more, the morning running will help you to be in the proper mood during all the day.
  2. The scientists found that the fat begins to burn only after 20 minutes of running, so to achieve your goals, you should run at least 30-50 minutes.
  3. Alternate running with other exercises for breath. After running a few miles, you can stop and do some sit-UPS or leg and arms swings. After that renew your training.
  4. To be effective running should be intense, so it would be good to find a route with hills. Also, descents are very useful: there is a load on the leg muscles, which may have extra fat.
  5. Regularity – the key to effectiveness in the achievement of your goals. The body gets used to daily exercises and over time it begins to "prepare" for the upcoming running. Some time after you can allocate less time for running because the body will easier digest extra fat.

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Clothes and shoes for running

Everyone can go running because it does not need any sports equipment and special shapes. Most importantly, the clothes should not constrain movements. Synthetics will not pass for training; it is better to choose cotton fabrics.

Let’s consider the features of running clothes for different seasons and weather conditions:

  • Summer. The best option is cotton T-shirt and shorts. If it is hot outside,  the girl can wear a short top, and man – sleeveless T-shirt. Do not forget about the cap, because you can get heat stroke.
  • Autumn. It is a time when you need to warm up. Even if the fall is warm enough, jacket for running is important not to catch a cold. You will also need long pants. Also, put on cotton underwear. On a rainy day, it is better to choose waterproof rainwear.
  • Winter. It is a time of year for extreme runners. In the winter you cannot run a lot because there is a risk to catch a cold with hard consequences. Even for a 30-minute run you should be well warmed. Wear cotton underwear, a warm sweater with a high collar and a jacket covering the hips. Use tights or leggings, and on top of them – cotton pants. Some companies produce special suits for sports in winter.
  • Spring. Don’t be so "naked" after a winter. Suit for running in spring is the same for autumn: underwear, jacket, pants and cap.

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To sum up, we hope that you know what the benefits of running are and how to prepare for it. Using our tips, you will get only pleasure from your training and have extremely fantastic results! Good luck!



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