Doping scandal: What's the true story behind Olympic Drug Court?

What do you know about Olympic Doping Scandal? What is CAS? And how it works? Read the article to find out!

Olympic Scandals

Could you try to imagine the situation when you sit in front of judges, and they decide whether you are guilty or not. The stake is your life. That`s how works the Olympic committee. Instead of judges, you may be asked in front of coaches, IOC official, a federation representative, lawyers. These people are to decide If the Olympic athlete cheated during the competition. Did the sportsman participate in Olympic doping scandal? Should he/she should be stripped off of all the medals and be banned in the participation of Olympic Games, return to the Homeland in disgrace? That`s how a CAS tribunal prefers to work. It`s the last stop for Olympic champions who were accused of doping scandals.

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Olympic games

Athletes of the XXXI Olympics suffer from a lot of pressure. According to Rio Olympics representatives, they are planning to collect at least five thousand blood and urine samples. The competitors of Olympic Games will be under constant surveillance. No matter, if it`s day time or night time if it`s on the field or beyond its measures.  The doctors may even escort Olympic sportsmen to the bathroom to witness if there are any signs of cheating. It`s not the most pleasant job in the world, and certainly, the meter of awkwardness rises high during this samples collection. After gathering the material, they are to get through tests to identify if there are any of three hundred banned substances presented in the test.


Olympic Athletes can be kicked out of the Olympic Games for various reasons. It might be made because of the equipment that gives certain advantages in the competition. Sometimes, the athletes can be banned due to false personality or lying about the age. Athletes are also people, and they do not desire to watch them peeing into a cup, but the rules are strict. Some Olympian sportsmen may lose on purpose like it happened in with a Chinese and Indonesian team in 2012.

Olympic athlete

All these sports violations are connected with only one individual organization the Court of Arbitration for Sport or it`s also known under the name CAS. CAS works as a sporting tribunal located in Switzerland. Their routine life is to be a Supreme Court for everything connected to the sport. All the key sports organizations like UEFA, IOC, FIFA look after the decisions of CAS. It`s almost omnipotent organization in the sporting sphere that is granted with power to destroy careers of sportsmen. Nevertheless, CAS is the only organization that has the authority to settle the most difficult disputes in the sports world.


CAS has exclusive authority to create a team of specialist, so-called ad hoc. This division is made of various specialists like professors, jurists, ex-athletes. They are all experienced in their fields. Their primary goal is to bring the law into the high-pressure world of Olympic Games. The starting process is very trivial. A positive test comes from the laboratory; then the losing team sends the complaints to the court against the rival. It depends on the situation when CAS or IOC anti-doping committee comes to play and investigates the case. They have authority to punish sportsmen. If there are people who are not satisfied with their decision – CAS ad hoc specialist are their last hope. For all Olympians, the word of ad hoc is the law.

Olympic scandals

For the ad hoc division –speed is the essential part of the work. According to reviews from the ad hoc specialists, Olympic Games is not a place for hesitation. The sportsmen, the coaches, the public, want everything done in the fastest velocity. Each ad hoc division can enjoy the serving of three judges connected to the case. Any country may give lawyers to the athletes. Nevertheless, athletes are to be provided with layers for legal assistance in any case.

Olympic Games

Hearings have a tendency to start late, mostly, in the second half of day. The trials may seem endless, the cases where judges and accused of doping scandals sportsmen should stay until dawn are not that rare.

Doping scandals

Ad hoc division listens to facts connected not only with doping scandals. It also comes from selecting scandals. Many athletes desire to represent their countries at the Olympic Games but for some reasons they were not chosen. Ad hoc division is the last chance for these sportsmen to be selected. For group specialist, it`s always a tension to decide the fate of any particular sportsman. It always adds some fear of responsibility. Moreover, many judges have their personal psychologists who may help to live through the fate decisions. Athletes are competitive people, they struggle, they fight for every chance to win, even if it`s beyond the sphere of the particular sports competition. The right decision does not come easily.

Olympic Russia

There are many cases where judges have to strip out an Olympian Champion from all the medals. Supposedly, the sportsmen included in the doping scandals are not villains. They just try to compete for the sake of their countries and mostly the doping stimulants can be prescribed to them without noticing.

Olympic dopings

CAS is an independent organization, but it still works under the rule of Switzerland law sphere. It means that the Swiss Federal Court can change any case and any decision of CAS. Nevertheless, the legal process is very slow, and it`ll take years for Olympic Sportsmen to get any attention to their case on the court. Moreover, it`s a rare case when the Swiss Federal Court overturn the decision of CAS.

Doping scandals

If an Olympic Athlete is approved to be guilty of cheating, he or she should be stripped of all the medals and banned from Olympic Games and any sports competition. Nevertheless, with a ban on the participation, the sportsman should also be removed from the visa. It means the painful walk of shame out of the hosted country.

Olympic Rio

Rio Olympic Games have just started, but its anti-doping committees bring more scandals to the public. The last one is connected to a doping scandal linked to Russian sportsmen. Olympic Games is a holiday of sport and competition. Nevertheless, all athletes should be the honor to their country and their competitors.

Olympic scandals  

CAS has exclusive authority to the Olympic Games. They have a unique goal. It`s not always easy to decide the fate of a person which life is always connected to the sport. It`s a huge responsibility for Olympic Games. CAS work is not always pleasant. Collecting blood and urine tests from athletes at any time or day is an awkward responsibility, but someone should do this. Also, the selecting of sportsmen for Olympic Games is always high pressured work. For athletes, it`s not always easy to be observed and watched before, after and the time of competition. It brings more pressure to a person which life is a consistent find if not with other competitors but with judges who can strip you of all achievements with one hit of the hammer.

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