Doping scandal: What was the Olympic committee’s decision concerning Russian athletes?

There are many rumors around Russian athletes at the Olympic Games this year; But what is an official decision the Olympic Committee made about their participation? Learn the decision from this article.

russian doping scandal

Russian athletes at the Olympic Games are now discussed everywhere. They are on all the news and people share their opinions on the reason for their disqualification. This story is popular and discussed so much that it is probably time to start making a documentary on the Russian Doping Scandal. And that is what we need to do: go through all the details of this doping scandal and see the background for them being excluded from the race.

The Russian Federation took the competition seriously. They trained and worked hard for a long time to get into the Olympic Games and present their country adequately. Well, at least most of them did. As it turned out some of them were using drugs and doping to obtain better physical condition and win the race.

On Thursday night the decision on the participation of the Russian athletes was still not clear. They came to the Athlete Village in Rio before the beginning of the competition; however, they are now stuck due t the appeals their lawyers now send to the Olympic Committee regarding their barring from the competition.

russian doping scandal 2016

It is known that on Thursday only 271 participants were sure that they would take part in the Olympic Games this year. This number is almost 120 athletes fewer than they were hoping to send to compete for the country. Luckily enough for the Russian Federation in this doing scandal of theirs, two more athletes were announced innocent in the course of the court’s decision-making process. However, these are the only good news for the country for now.

Some of the experts condemn Russia for such conduct. They state that it is a complete disrespect to the established rules of the Games. They also believe that Russian athletes do not want to fight for the victory honestly, which can mean two things. First of all, Russian athletes that came to the Olympics in 2016 are not robust enough to win the competition honestly. This might have different problems behind it including inadequate training and discipline, which is the issue of the athletes and their trainers, and this deficiency, cannot be fulfilled by illegal drug usage. The second thing it might mean is that Russian athletes do not see a problem in cheating willing to get the prize without saving their dignity. Seeing this some member of the Olympic Committee that came to the Olympic Games to help resolve issues like this, state that all the athletes should be barred from the participation as a lesson they all need to learn.

russian doping scandal documentary

This idea does not sound unfair. Russian athletes are all there to compete for their country; they all represent the interests of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the principle, one for all and all for one can be easily applied. Should they experience this once, next time they would not be willing to violate the rules, as they do not just risk their own participation, but the one of the whole team. Maybe this would be useful.

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However, not all the Committee members voted for this decision. They stated that barring 270 innocent athletes who fought and struggled to get into the Olympic Games is not fair to them, no matter what country and team they come from. They stated that each individual should take responsibility for himself, not for the whole country.

russian doping scandal documentary 2016

The President of Russian Olympic Committee was outraged with the idea of the whole Russian team being sent back home without giving them a chance to compete. He claimed that it is discrimination, and believes that people had the prejudice about Russia even before the Ani-doping testing took place. Unfortunately for the Russian Federation, no weight-lifters from this country were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games this year. Thus news shook the Olympic village, and there is nothing that can be done for them, as it was a clear rule violation, so no mercy is expected.

This year was quite difficult for Russian athletes. As you remember, Russian doping scandal did not just start at the Olympics’. A few month ago, Mariia Sharapova, the best female tennis player in the world was tested positive for using drugs that are on the list of the forbidden ones for the athletes. As Mariia’s lawyer explained later, the athlete did not know that this drug was listed there. She claimed to have been using it for ten years as a treatment for a complication of the disease she got when she was a teenager. For a long time, she was allowed to take it, when in January this medicine got on the list of forbidden ones, and she had no chance to learn about it.

russian olympics 2016

Mariia also explained that she had no intention to take drugs, as she is a professional and can do her best even without the need to be using doping. The warning about this medicine becoming a forbidden one was sent to the athlete in an email; however, she stated she never read it. The news and emails athlete receive every day is usually long and tedious, so they just ignore them, unless it is something crucial.

As you see, the Russian doping scandal started a long time ago. Russian athletes for different reasons take doping to boost their strength and ability to compete. That is why the Olympic Committee was very attentive to testing Russians. It is not because of some discrimination, but in the view of the experiences in the last years. The decision on more than 170 athletes competing for Russia in the Olympic Games in 2016 was not made. There are people whose barring from the Games will not even be discussed; however, others insist on exceptions to be made. This might be either a lesson to be learned or a path of hostility between the Anti-Doping Committee and Russian athletes that will come after this.

russians at olympics 2016

Anyway, we wish the best to those athletes that came there to compete honestly and have nothing to hide or to be afraid of. Remember to watch Nigerian athletes competing at Rio on August 8 and 11. Follow the official page of the Olympics 2016 to know the results.

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