Dream Team gets 390k dollars from a Japanese surgeon

Nigerian Dream Team receives a donation of 390 000 dollars from a Japanese Surgeon Dr. Katsuya Takasu. Why did this Japanese Doctor decide to donate such amount of money to Nigeria footballers?

Nigerian Dream team

The Nigerian Dream team apparently has one new fan. Moreover, this fan was so generous, so he donated three hundred and ninety thousand dollars to Nigeria footballers. This philanthropic fan is a Japanese SurgeonDr. Katsuya Takasu. He is an honored member of various Medical Associations in Japan. His Plastic clinic is based in Tokyo. For the last few decades, he became a well-known philanthropist and sport`s enthusiast. On the Rio Olympic Games, he fell in love with Nigerian football team and promised to donate a large sum of money if they win a medal. Dream team won a bronze medal in the rivalry against Honduras.

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Japanese doctor

Nigerian team showed great results at the Olympic Games in Rio. They managed to overcome many competitors, like Japan, Sweden, Denmark. Their main loss was against Germans. Unfortunately, the devastated defeat of two to nothing could only grant them the fighting for the bronze medal. Certainly, as commentators predicted it, the defense of the Dream team is far from perfect condition. Nevertheless, in attacks, they managed to win and kick three balls into the gates of Honduras. The overall performance of Nigeria team on Olympic Games is perfect. It`s needed noticing that experts predicted that the team would have managed to play in the quarter-finals.

Dr. Katsuya Takasu

Dr. Katsuya Takasu was so generous to offer this kind of gift to the team. The overall sum was divided by players, and each of them was granted with extra ten thousand checks. Moreover, the surgeon managed to take a selfie with all players of the team and the Minister of Sport.  Dr. Katsuya Takasu revealed that he became a fan of the Dream Team after defeating his national team in Rio. The donation of the Japanese philanthropist was not unnoticed, and many players asked the doctor to visit Nigeria. The bronze is also a certain victory for Nigeria.

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