Euro 2016: Belgium vs. Italy. Where to find livestream?

What are the predictions of local bookmaker about the forthcoming football match of Belgium and Italy? What players are strong sides of these teams? Read the article to learn the latest info.

Euro 2016: Belgium vs. Italy

Red devils have brought remarkable team on the European championship. Thibaut Courtois, Simon Mignolet, Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele, Radja Nainggolan, Eden Hazard, Dries Mertens, Romelu Lukaku – their names can be listed as much as necessary. Especially such structure will be suitable to the taste of fans of the Italian Series A and mainly of the English Premier league. With such selection of players, the team can count on the highest places of Euro 2016. The main thing is to realize the incredible potential.

In a selection cycle they weren’t succeeded to make it completely. In matches with the main competitors, Wales & Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valmont’s group has scored five points from 12 possible. What is more important is that in four matches with these teams Belgians haven't passed only once. It has occurred at home meeting with Welshmen. Football players of team of Belgium scored a goal at the same time only in games with Bosnians, without having managed to do anything with defense of Wales.

Euro 2016

National team of Italy has a similar situation. The main competitors for Italians in exit group are teams of Croatia and Norway. Italians have dealt with Norwegians surely, having taken away all six points from Scandinavians, and with Croats it was limited to two. And only once in these four duels Antonio Conte's team left draw. But the goal was scored by Italians in all four matches.

Structure of the national team of Belgium is remarkable, but their defense after all isn't ideal. As it has been underlined earlier, defenders of Belgians haven't coped with the main competitors, having passed a ball practically in all matches. Besides, if to look at results of friendly matches, you will see that neither the national team of Finland, nor Red Devils have saved gates from the national team of Norway. And there is the fact that Finns have struck three blows in alignment, and Norwegians – four. It allows drawing a conclusion that even not so brilliant line of attack of Italian national team is capable to cause a stir in the forthcoming match.

Belgium vs. Italy

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Belgians, as it was already told, possess remarkable players in the line of attack. Considering also not the most high-quality game in defense of football players of Italian national team, who have passed seven balls in ten matches of selection cycle, it is possible to assume that Mark Valmont’s wards will score at least one goal on the 13 June.

Belgium vs. Italy – where to watch Livestream

Belgium vs. Italy – where to watch Livestream

You don’t know where to watch one of the hottest matches of Euro 2016? With the help of these web sites you will manage to do it absolutely free:

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