Euro 2016: France vs. Albania. Suggest website to watch online

The first matches of Euro 2016 proved to be interesting. What more should people expect from games? Try not to miss France vs. Albania match on 15 June.

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 has already started and millions of people watched online The Opening Ceremony. For some competitors, first matches were victories for other losses. The match between France and Romania showed who is favorite in the group A. Nevertheless, Romania team showed great results in this match by putting one goal in the gates of France by Satancu on the 65 minute. France responded correctly by providing the second goal by Payet on the 89 minute. Paul-Daniel Zaharia, who is official Romania reporter, claims that Romanian National Team showed the bright game and in total their nation media responded positively to team`s performance. As it was predicted, France won the match. In the same time, Albania lost their battle with Switzerland 1-0. Will they be able to win France?

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France previous game

France Euro 2016

When the battle started the initiative was on the Romanians` side, and they may have some abilities to advance. But Stancu after a corner in the 4th minute of the match didn`t manage to beat Lloris, he shot right into the goalkeeper, being a meter away from the gate.

Nobody could score in first 45 minutes of the game.

On the second part of the game, the Romanian team quickly tried to seize the initiative, but the French, having beaten the opponent's offensive outburst, again began to dictate its terms on 57 the score became 1:0.

64 minutes into the match Evra in the penalty swaps broke the rules on Nicolae Stanciu, and a few seconds later Bogdan Stancu penalty formed the score 1:1. However, at the very end of the match, the French team managed to snatch the victory - Dimitri Poye fantastic volley from outside the area curled the ball in the gates.

Score 2: 1, and the French team gained a victory in the first match at Euro 2016.

What will try Albania?

Albania Euro 2016

There is a possibility that in this match Albania will try to take their due, first of all, the standard provisions. Original drawings of the ball, ability to surprise the opponent nontrivial feeds and simulated combinations - this arsenal could allow Albanians to shot as a minimum a goal to France. Albanians will certainly be with the ideas that if there is a defeat, the probability that the team will have null chances and have to stop their performances in the tournament, is closer to one 100%. In the other match of the second round of Group A "Eagles" probably will be cheering for the victory of Switzerland. Their last chances will be the victory for the 3 place and pray for playoff qualification.

Predictions for the game

Predictions Euro 2016

Albania is in less favor for the game than France. The odds are against Eagles. In the very same time, they may have psychological tension from the previous game. In the other hand, psychological tension may be caused by other reasons. It`s well known that France team is not one of the best, but one of the “precious”. One player for the team can cost more than the whole Albania team in total. In short, bookmakers are not on the side of Eagles. According to leading bookmaker experts, in this game, we will have to deal with the notoriously well-known favorite. However, this match has its pitfalls. Bet on FranceAlbania is following: France victory - 1.2, draw - 7.8, 15.5 for a victory of Albania.

What are the preparations for the match?

Euro 2016

The match France vs Albania on 15 June 2016 will certainly create you an entertainment. Don`t forget to find a nice website where to watch games online. For your consideration, it`s presented a small list of websites that can allow you such joy:





Hello to all fans of Championship Football 2016 !!! I still do not miss a single match! Waiting for satch France - Albania! Still a fan of the French, but fate will tell who will be the true champion and leader and held the final !!! A little regret that Ukraine lost the match with Germany. Still, hope and cheer that these matches Ukraine win in December !!! After all, they too chesmpiony !!!As for the French team, they are also quite prepared to fight! So we can only wait for the day and cheer along with teams !!!! Forward!!!

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