Euro 2016: Iceland vs. Portugal. What are ins and outs of the match?

What are the brightest moments in match between Iceland and Portugal? Read the information below to learn the hottest facts about the latest football play on Euro 2016.

Euro 2016

The last match of Portugal and Iceland became one of the most exiting games of UEFA.

Icelandic team of Europe should begin a tournament against Portugal. Gylfi Sigurðsson has rushed on the left edge into the penalty area, has beaten Danilo, has punched one time in Rui Patrício, and has punched the second time again in the goalkeeper. These two blows remained the one for Iceland in the first 45 minutes. But they are very important for the course of game.

Iceland vs. Portugal

Icelanders kept calm in such sonditions. It was uncomfortable to Portuguese. They tried to provide delivery of balls to flanks. On edges constantly there were Ronaldo and Nani. André Gomes and João Moutinho have faced closer to the middle, and the only forward promising to win the Gold Euro 2016 boot – Eder – sat on the bench. Movements of Portugal in the middle of the field looked nicely, they were in prosperity, but there was obviously not enough understanding of this tactics. It turned out so that Sevarsson and Skulason won a ball on flanks, or it reached the goalkeeper.

And when Portugal has thought up something dangerous and bright, Hannes Halldorsson has come to the rescue of command. Attack of southerners was created by Ronaldo. He prepared giving from the left edge and as a result has made a pass on Nani's head. The blow at Fenerbahçe has turned out very hard, but Halldorsson has played as a hero of fighter. He has rushed under the ball in the last second and helped out Iceland.

Ronaldo uefa

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From that minute Portugal began to increase pressure. On the 23rd minute, Freitas has given pass from the right edge on Ronaldo's head, and Cristiano has struck with the head above a crossbeam. Two minutes later Cristiano received soft pass, but star forward has missed the mark by ball. And still the goal was scored. At the end of half an hour of game Andrée Gomes, one of points of the Portuguese team, has picked up a ball, in a contact has shot to the shooting area, and Nani has beaten the Icelandic defender and sent a ball by Halldorsson.

In the second half Iceland has scored a goal. Players have driven the ball on the flank, found an opportunity for giving, and confused the Portuguese defenders.

Ronaldo euro 2016

The scenario repeated. Iceland powerfully began, made cool beginning, then sat down back and didn't allow scoring a goal again. They were quietly closed from attacks and blocked ways for transfers. Gates had to be attacked from distance – André Gomes tried to find the left bottom corner of others gates, but Halldorsson hasn't given up again.

Fernanda Santos continued tactical tricks. The team began to play 4-2-4. But it wasn't succeeded to win against Iceland all the same. The goalkeeper in gate of Iceland was magnificent. As a result, game has ended with a score 1:1.


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