Euro 2016 Quarter Finals: Poland vs. Portugal. Where to find a livestream?

What else can provide viewers Euro 2016? The next match is quarter final Poland vs. Portugal! Suggest some nice websites to watch a live stream transmission of the match online!

Euro 2016

The carnival of football continues to gather more viewers on all continents. According to UEFA media representatives, about half of billion people watched Euro 2016 matches. The total amount consists not only of TV viewers but also the one who watched online live transmission via the Internet. It`s worth mentioning that every new UEFA event gathers more fans of football than the previous one. The next round of Euro 2016 stars June 30. Two strongest teams of this year Euro will be facing each other in quarterfinals. Do not dare to miss the football match live transmission between Poland and Portugal!

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Euro 2016

Quarterfinals UEFA Championship for the team of Lewandowski is a quite big achievement for Poland. Do not they dare to battle for the higher prize? Adam Navalka players showed the fantastic game in previous matches and it`s obvious that Lewandowski team will certainly have moments in penalty zone of Portugal. The negative factor for Poland team is a game with grand champions. Nevertheless, Portugal is one of the strongest national football team even today. They have a lot of top class players who may have a psychological influence on Navalka players.

Euro 2016

The main enemy for Lewandowski is Ronaldo with his unexpected attacks. The coach of Poland team may need to think about new strategies for the game, as the previous teamwork strategy showed itself but Portugal with Ronaldo may be a tough choice for playing the same game. Also, bookmakers and analytics admire the efforts of Poland team but in the face with top classes players from Portugal, Lewandowski team may have lesser chances to win. Furthermore, the main power of Poland still has not shown itself. According to analytics, Lewandowski still waits for a right moment to show furious attacks. Will it be in the match with Portugal? Does Lewandowski have some aces in sleeves to show Ronaldo in the match of 30 June?


Euro 2016

Portugal may not show the best results in this Euro and many analytics criticize Santos players for inability to provide a real football! For Portugal, playing in quarter finals of Euro isn`t something beyond expectations, while Poland made a great achievement coming to finals. Nevertheless, European Brazilians do not show the football everyone expects from the team. They did not manage to win a single battle in their group, despite the fact that they did not get strong competitors.  


The previous game with Croatia showed experience of Ronaldo, especially his magic tricks in extreme playing. Nevertheless, the team is far from ideal results in matches. The main problem of Portugal is their defense. Despite all of this, the bookmakers and analytics give the victory to Ronaldo team due to their experience in UEFA finals. Nevertheless, Poland also has chances to win if they can somehow neutralize Ronaldo and make Lewandowski kicking goals. If Portugal stands still and shows the same results as with Croatia, it may be a little bit boring match then. Furthermore, fans expect actions from both teams as it`s a quarter-final of Euro 2016! The viewers would be disappointed in watching some casual game with no moments.

What analytics say?

Euro 2016

According to the bookmakers, that the Portuguese are favorites for this match. So, for the victory of the team Cristiano Ronaldo bookmakers of win accepts bets with odds of 2.25. The victory of the national team of Poland is estimated at 4.0. The probability of a draw is estimated at 3.0.

Bookmakers of William Hill also considers Portugal as a favorite of this confrontation. Thus, the success of the Portuguese national team is accepted with odds of 2.25, while the victory of Poland is 4.0. A draw in this match is estimated by a factor of 2.8.

Euro 2016

According to bookmakers, the odds of success with the Swiss and Poles are almost equal.

For winning of the Swiss, the bookmakers of bwin accept bets with odds 3.2. The victory of Poland is estimated at 2.6. The probability of a draw is estimated at 3.0.

Bookmakers of William Hill also considers the chances of success with teams of Switzerland and Poland are almost equal. Thus, the victory of the Swiss accepting bets factor is 3.2, and the winning team of Robert Lewandowski is 2.62. A draw in this match is estimated by a factor of 2.8.

What fans can expect from Poland vs Portugal?

Euro 2016

The first Euro 2016 quarter-finals will be played by the national teams of Poland and Portugal. In the match in Marseille, which will be held June 30, the bookmakers give a slight advantage to Portugal. According to analytics, it is very difficult to rely on something supernatural in this match. It`s believed, that the risk on the part of rivals will be kept at a minimum level and waiting for goal moments like it was in the game Portugal Hungary is something with a low percent of happening. Poland just had one single goal in their gates in the tournament, and even that goal kicked by Shaqiri was brilliant as it`s difficult to accuse goalkeeper or defenders in doing mistakes at that moment. The Portuguese seemed to able to relax and playing in the back lines acquired the old stability and reliability. According to analytics, the game will not provide rich moments with goals.  It seems that the opponents are unlikely to make more than two nice shots in this match. Nevertheless, it`s not a reason to not watch the real football online. The problem is in finding suitable websites for watching live streams, hopefully, you may find some suggestions here:




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