Euro 2016 Round of 16 : Switzerland vs. Poland. Where to watch online?

EURO 2016 walks on the Europe continent. The endless festival of UEFA continues to give happiness for football fans. Watch live transmission online to witness next match of Switzerland vs. Poland.

Euro 2016

The tourney of football festival continues to march on the planet. Fans buy new tickets to witness football stars and nice game on stadiums of France. Even if football fans are away from stadiums they still can watch live transmission on TV or watch EURO 2016 online from any device. Unfortunately, some teams left the UEFA EURO 2016 but there is no point to not witness new goals and new challenges in the playoff. Football is the most popular game on all continents and EURO 2016 desires to be endless.  June 25, 2016, at the football arena "Geoffroy Guichard», which is located in French Saint-Etienne, holds one of the matches of the 1/8 finals of UEFA EURO 2016. Switzerland and Poland are destined to open the program of 1/8 EURO finals. Both teams before the full-time meeting looked about the same. They started from the second place of the scoreboard in their group and showed the similar style of game on EURO 2016. Who among them will be stronger? The teams have very similar fate. At least with regard to this Euro. Both took second place in their group. They are only of the recognised giants. Switzerland lost to the hosts of the tournament France, Poland lost to the Germans, who are the champions of the world. If you do not desire to miss online live transmission of the match, look to the bottom of the Article on the list of websites with EURO 2016 live streams.

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Euro 2016

The Swiss demonstrate on EURO their usual level of play and show nothing special right now. For Vladimir Petkovic`s players winning Albania in their group was enough for coming to playoff. After that, the Swiss painted the draw with the Romanians and did not lose in a duel with the French, without showing virtually nothing outstanding. In the debut of the championship they had immediately three points by defeating the national team of Albania with the score of 1: 0. Further, many expected that they guarantee themselves further participation by triumphing in the second round, but Romania managed to open the scoring, and as a result, the match outcome is a draw 1: 1. The final round of the group stage came in the game against the favourite team from France. There the Swiss managed to hold back the onslaught of the French and earned one more point, having played 0: 0. In the camp of the team goal scorers were noted from Fabian Schär from the German club "Hoffenheim" and Admir Mehmedi from "Bayer" the same league. Switzerland had more days to recover than Poland, so they have some kind of advantage.


Euro 2016

Poland looks at the EURO 2016 very decently. Poles were put in the same group with the Germans, as well as in the selection, again made for "Bundesliga"  the competition for the first place and as a result the second time losing to the Germans. In the full-time game against the German national team most, Adam Navalka team played decently and could win the fight. In addition, for the match against Switzerland, the national team of Poland with suitable winning series of four meetings and four players rested who had missed a duel with Ukraine in the third round.

What is expected?

Euro 2016

Both teams, as it should be noted, did not show greatest results. Exactly two goals were scored by both teams. That's why enterprising and bookmakers to give more money for winning one of the team.

If you look closely, the results would be not that simple. Lewandowski and his team tried their best to make a challenge for world champions in the defence. In the match with Northern Ireland, they could score a lot more than one goal. What, in fact, is not surprising, given that in the selection for Euro Poles became the most productive team. The Swiss have also performed well in the game against France. Especially in terms of attack.

Playoff format of matches can spice and increased efficiency of the upcoming meeting. It is necessary to score one of the teams as the game inevitably will reveal because the very first defeat in the play-off will be the last.

Bookmakers analysis

Euro 2016

According to bookmakers, the odds of success with the Swiss and Poles are almost equal.

For winning of the Swiss, the bookmakers of bwin accept bets with odds 3.2. The victory of Poland is estimated at 2.6. The probability of a draw is estimated at 3.0.

Bookmakers of William Hill also considers the chances of success with teams of Switzerland and Poland are almost equal. Thus, the victory of the Swiss accepting bets factor is 3.2, and the winning team of Robert Lewandowski is 2.62. A draw in this match is estimated by a factor of 2.8.

How can fans prepare for the match?

Euro 2016

1/8 finals of Euro 2016 Switzerland - Poland is to be held at Saint-Etienne at the stadium Geoffroy-Guichard. This match will certainly give you another nice evening of football. You would better prepare for the matches by finding websites with the live transmission. Nevertheless, you may look through proposed websites to watch matches online:




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