Euro 2016 semi-finals: Where to watch online match between Portugal and Wales?

What exactly awaits for fans in Euro 2016 semifinals? How to watch online the match between Portugal and Wales? Read more to find out!

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 championship is almost over. There are only a few steps to the complete grand finale of the championship. If you did not witness any game, you still have a chance to watch online them on websites. Also, why do not you enjoy new matches of Euro 2016? You have plenty of time to prepare to one of the most notable matches. There are only semi-finals and final last in the row. Take a deep breath and be ready to witness some real football which saved the best teams for live transmission viewers.

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Euro 2016

The semi-final of Euro 2016 between "Portugal" and "Wales" is quite unexpected for the fans of these teams, and for the players. Portugal national team showed not the most exciting football in the championship, but despite this, they managed to get to the semi-finals, having played five matches in a draw. Welsh style of game still has a lot of surprises in the pockets. After an impressive victory over Belgium, they have a real chance to leave a mark in the history of football and get to the final. It is also worth noting that in contrast to the Portuguese, the international team of Chris Coleman will make its debut in the final stage of the continental championship tournament. So do not try to miss this historical event.


Euro 2016

Portugal squad for the sixth time joins in the number of Euro finalists and the fifth time in a row since 1996. They show excellent results: 1 time was the 2nd place, 3 times were a semi-final (bronze medal), 2 times were the quarterfinals. Given that in this championship they showed not the best game, they still were definitely able to confidently and calmly reach the semifinals. At 1/8, they beat the national team of Croatia in 3 minutes before the end of overtime, scoring the winning goal in the final, but in the quarterfinals, they met invincible Poles, who were determined to win. After conceding a goal in 4 minutes the Portuguese team managed to fight back and bring the match to a penalty shootout, where  "lottery" decided the result of the match. If not for the semi-finals, then Portugal probably would become one of the major disappointments of the tournament.

Euro 2016

Due to its composition the where the whole team consists of stars of the European and global scale. Even led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Santos`s team was unable to beat any of its opponents in the regular time and they even put a kind of anti-record, completing all the matches in a draw. Nevertheless, the opponents of "Lusitanian" were not extraordinary- the same example was a Belgium which simply destroyed Hungary in the 1/8 finals, Austria was not even able to get out of the group. So, now fans expect the Portuguese, this time, may be able to demonstrate a game worthy of the final stage of the tournament.


Euro 2016

After Iceland national team, Wales became the second opening of the Euro 2016. Few could imagine such a scenario, but the Welsh showed good football throughout the tournament. They came the first of the group, after the 1/8 finals and managed to beat Northern Ireland, which is famous for its defenders, and this also secured their place in the quarterfinals. In 1/4 Welsh waited for a serious meeting with the favourites of the tournament - the team of Belgium. Nobody believed in the victory of Wales, but even after a missed early goal, they managed to gather the team spirit and even the score before the end of the first half. In the second half, they confidently pushed through and won (3: 1) and was given the opportunity to play in the semifinals, that in the history of the country's existence was the first time.

Euro 2016

That`s the main reason why Wales are so struggling to win the match. Nevertheless, they are to struggle with one of the greatest team of Europe. However, if they manage to keep up a good pace and keep the main footballers of Portuguese out from the ball, the victory might be in their grasps then. What should be the strategy of the game for Wales? Supposedly, they can`t trifle with constant attacks as Portugal may punish them for boldness. The only chance is to fight out of defence and score the goal only in the surprise attack.

What should viewers expect from the game?

Euro 2016

Wales in this meeting can`t count on key players – defenders, like Davis and Ramsey, who will miss the match because of yellow cards but the team has someone to play. Williams who performed well in previous matches will play instead Ramsey and experienced Collins replaces Davis.

Euro 2016

Portugal is a favourite of this match. And it's not a surprise, as the team "on paper" is stronger. Still, many sceptics do not believe in the squad, Fernando Santos. It`s fairly believed that if Wales could manage to stop Ronaldo and Renato Sanches, they would be the winners of the game.

Euro 2016

The degree of this fight is going to be increased, it is difficult to imagine that the team will play in an open football and pay attention only to the attack. According to specialists, the teams` performance will be closed and all very dim. The results should be in a first place. Striking breakthroughs or combinations of lace are not that important. It comes to the fore of the defence and the maximum intensity in the centre of the field. Very often the most important match of the tournament takes place with a minimum number of goals scored, it`s believed that the match Portugal - Wales would be no exception, to score more than two goals may not be possible for these rivals.

Bookmakers analysis

Euro 2016

According to the bookmakers, the Portuguese are favourites for this match.

Thus, for the Portuguese team victory bookmaker from accepts bets with odds of 2.15. The Victory of Wales is estimated at 4.1. The probability of a draw is estimated at 3.1.

Bookmakers of William Hill also considers Portugal as a favourite of this confrontation. Thus, the success of Cristiano Ronaldo takes a firm command rate by a factor of 2.1, and the winning result of the team of Gareth Bale is 4.0. A draw in this match is estimated by a factor of 3.0.

How can fans prepare for the match?

Euro 2016

Semifinals of Euro 2016 Portugal - Wales is to be held at Lyon at the stadium Stade de Lyon. This match will be another example of the fantastic Euro 2016. Nevertheless, fans should prepare for the match as it may provide a new fantastic chapter in the history of football. Try not to miss last matches of Euro 2016. The best of the game is prepared for fans in next matches which mean more drive, more emotions, more football. On the Internet, you may find a range of websites proposing to watch live transmission online. Special for fans of football, it was gathered a small list of the websites for watching live transmission online for your consideration:




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