France vs.Germany: overview of the match

Did you watch the second EURO 2016 semifinals? If you haven’t, you should check out this article for the overview of Germany – France match!

france vs germany

A spectacular match between the national football teams of Germany and France took its place on Thursday, the July 7. The results were impossible to predict, but football critics were sure about Germany’s victory. However, the French players demonstrated some nice skills and proved that they are the worthy ones for the EURO 2016 finals.

First half-time

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The match started with Germany’s pressing. The French did not expect that, and if you re-watch the match you will see that the Germany had the supremacy. They easily passed through the defense and LLoris, the French goalkeeper, had to be very accurate with his game.
France also had a moment that gave hope to all of the fans of the French. Olivier Giroud almost made his way through the defense of the German team but he was stopped by their defender nearby to the gates.  This was a big mistake, as Antioine Griezmann was at the right flang and could easily score a goal.
However, Giroud did not pass the ball and they’ve missed such an opportunity.
On the 44 minute of the match France gained a penalty, while performing a corner kick. It was caused by German player Schweinsteiger handed the ball in the goal area.
The penalty kick was performed by Antoine Griezmann, and later celebrated by his hotline bling moves on the pitch.
1-0 for the France, it was the score when teams left the field for the break.

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Second half-time

antoine griezmann

Frankly saying, looking at the German team, everyone could say that they’ve lost their confidence after the first half time of the game. France started to do their best to possess the ball and they were more pressing than in the first half-time.
Antoine Griezmann has to be mentioned here too. Some call him a “little prince” because of his physical complexion and young age. He scored the second goal after he received the pass from Pogba and became the man of the match.
No one could’ve expected the France’s victory in this match, but they’ve proven that they are a team to deal with.
The German created a few dangerous moments, but Lloris easily took care of all of them.
2-0, long live the France!

The final match is held at Stade de France this Sunday. The Portuguese should prepare well, as during the current EURO they haven’t faced yet such a strong team like France.

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