Germany vs France: where to watch online Euro 2016 semi-finals?

The second semi-final between Germany and France will take place on July 7 at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille. The hosts of the championship will try to stop the mighty German machine, the reigning champions of the World. Will France be able to reach the final game?

Germany vs Italy semifinal

German and French players often played against each other. These were mostly friendly games, but one of them had a key character. In 2014 at the World Cup in Brazil it was the German team who knocked out France in the quarterfinal stage of the tournament. Now France will try to repay.

Head coaches


Germany squad, the reigning world champion, will not give up winning the title of best team in Europe. Last time the Germans won gold medals in 1996. In twenty years, it's high time to repeat the success once again. Germany demonstrates the pragmatic football during the tournament.

Germany defeated Italy

Germany national team was on the verge of failure in the match against the Italians, but on that day luck was with Joachim Löw’s team.

Joachim Löw


France, which hosts Euro 2016, has the hugest motivation ever. That is why Didier Deschamps`s team has no right to misfire, though playing with the current world champion.

Didier Deschamps

France showed excellent football against Iceland. Antoine Griezmann played the second match in a row at the highest level.

Antoine Griezmann

At first, this player played a key role in the game against the Irish, when he scored twice within 5 minutes. In the last game with Iceland Griezmann assisted twice and scored a fantastic goal. Didier Deschamps considers Germany to be the best team of the tournament. He also declared that his team would do all its best to win in the semifinal confrontation.

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The alignment of forces

Before this game both teams had tired very much with previous opponents. Germany barely beat Italy on penalties. The French team defeated Iceland Vikings 5-2.

In this game, France seems preferable, because it has neither injured footballers nor suspensions. Germany has many problems. Mats Hummels is disqualified. Mario Gomez and Sami Khedira were injured in the game against Italy. It is still unknown whether Bastian Schweinsteiger will captain the team.

Germany vs France

Please note that the last time France defeated Germany at such a serious tournament in 1958.

What do bookmakers say?

Bookmakers estimate the chances of both teams as equal. In this case, any team may win. But the French fans will definitely provide tremendous support to their favorites.

William Hill

  • Draw - 2.90
  • Germany wins - 2.87
  • France wins - 2.76


  • Draw - 2.91
  • Germany wins - 3.06
  • France wins - 2.74

Where to watch live transmission of this game online?




Germany vs Italy

France vs Iceland


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