Has African footballer played key part in Arsenal vs Man City game?

Love football? Learn about the fame African footballers gain in English Premier League and about the latest goals scored.

Arsenal vs Manchester City game took place December 21st at the Emirates Stadium. Most likely you already know the results of the game with Arsenal FC scoring twice and Manchester City – only once.

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Manchester City vs Arsenal game highlights

The first key event took place on the 33rd minute, when Theo Walcott (Arsenal) scored for the first time. This footballer is the longest playing one in Arsenal. And he managed to finish up the season well taking active part in this latest team victory.

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Despite the fact that Manchester City football club has had larger percentage of the shots on target, as well as total shots and possession, Arsenal players managed to stand their ground and timely attack the rivals. Olivier Giroud scored next and made it really hard for Man City to catch up. This footballer comes from France and this season he managed to score 19 times.

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But how about the role of African players in this game? It was played by Gnégnéri Yaya Touré. Even though he has made fewer passes than some of the prominent Arsenal players, such as Ozil, the accuracy of his passes are much higher. And he managed to prove it scoring the only time during this game on behalf of Manchester City team.

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Yaya Toure comes from Ivory Coast and he joined this FC in 2010. In 2011 he has become the African Footballer of the Year. Since then he has gotten this title two more times. Presently Yaya turned 32 and the rumors state he is not planning to keep on playing with Manchester City. He might after all move to Inter Milan.

Even though his scoring did not help the team to win and move up in the Premier League table, he has done a great job and contributed to the glory and high reputation of African players worldwide. 

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Arsenal very good team. What is working hard to achieve good results. Nigerian players play very skillfully. They have some great teamwork. Thanks to the coach who put a lot of force, labor team played well. It was interesting to watch the game and cheer. Theo Walcott scored the initial goal cleverly done. Also soccer player from France marked killing their heads. Nigerian nation can achieve its goals. I wish Danny a team success, enthusiasm, patience, health, and always win.

Answered 2 years ago.

African footballers have always played an important role in modern European football. And, of course, the players from Nigeria always pleasantly surprised us. Babangida, Taribo West, Nwankwo Kanu, goalkeeper Rofay, J. J. Okocha. These names can be listed, perhaps indefinitely. How many incredible goals and saves brought Nigerian players! Nigerian football really rose to the highest level of development. Fast players Africa has always occupied a leading position in the European clubs. At the world Cup, African countries show an unprecedented result, sensations. I think Yaya Toure's goal is just the norm of football that talk to us Africa has high-level.

Answered 2 years ago.
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