Has Brown Ideye celebrated Nigerian football talent in the world?

Brown Ideye provided Nigerian football fans with other reason to celebrate. Learn what he has done.

This year has started with some very good news for Nigerian footballers playing outside of the country. One of our renown countryman who was born in Lagos has gotten a Greek club victory over its competitors. Brown Ideye, who has started playing in the Nigerian national team since 2010, scored again.

Brown Ideye Nigeria

Presently he plays for the Greek Olympiacos FC. The team has become victorious in the game against Greek Panionios FC and Ideye scored the final and triumphant goal on the 79th minute of the game.

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Brown Ideye Olympiacos FCOlympiacos won 3-1 against Panionios! Since the time he joined the team he scored 7 times. It was another cool “bang” for Ideye. Certainly Nigeria is celebrated as the country which produces very prospective, strong and talented footballers. Most of them play as bombardiers and take key positions in the teams all over the world.

Brown Ideye suger mommyFor instance, Ideye had time to play in Ukrainian Dynamo team. Just few days ago a lady from Ukraine named Alexandra has accused him of leaving her and supposedly two of their children born outside the marriage behind and moving away from them.

She might be his Ukrainian sugar mommy and the situation is quite complicated. Still, such a stressful situation did not hinder footballer from being an effective player and reinforcing the victory of his new team.

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