Has Chelsea football club gotten a new trainer? – History and news of the club

Chelsea has become a newsmaker these days. Learn what is going on in the club and who is to replace the famous and "special" Jose Mourinho.

On December 17 all the Chelsea football club fans got the shocking news: the famous trainer of the team Jose Mourinho has resigned his position! Is this true or not and has the club really gotten a new trainer?

Chelsea football club gotten a new trainer

Mourinho has been training such football club for several years, starting since the summer of 2013. During this space of time he has managed to attain amazing results. Over the history of its existence (110 + years!) the club has become very successful and famous and all this due to the trainer.

Mourinho trainingFor the first time Jose came to Chelsea back in 2004. He promised the team to attain great results, which indeed he fulfilled. He signed the 4 year contract, but left after just one year of work, because of his complicated relations with Abramovich. He returned to the team in 2013 and again signed the 4 year contract.

Chelsea football club 11Seems like this time again he would not be able to finish it. The official website has stated that Mourinho is officially acknowledged to be one of the most successful team trainers over the 110 years of the club’s existence. And yet… he leaves again!

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Why did Jose Mourinho really leave Chelsea?

 Chelsea football club – news of the clubDespite the fact that in the past this trainer managed to deliver excellent results, this season he was not doing so well. It seems like an unexpected defeat has brought a slip between the trainer and the team. He has called them names and it is supposed he has considered them to be traitors.

Has Chelseagotten a new trainer? All this has built up the tension between the Chelsea football club players and Mourinho. Moreover, the team has gotten bans for its fans from the stadium and there have been several conflicts with the media. So, now we have the Chelsea football club news of “the best trainer ever” (by the words of Mourinho himself) leaving “the love of his life (Chelsea)” for the second time in his outstanding career. Chelsea – History and news of the club

May be later on we will have more information on the subject, but for now all we have is the official Chelsea club statement on “parting the ways with the trainer” and their promise to “love and respect him always”.

Chelsea football club history

Chelsea football club This famous football club was founded back in 1905. The official date is the 10th of March. Its first owner was Henry Augustus. He was a millionaire and seems like Roman Abramovich has carried on that tradition of the FC ownership.

 Chelsea football club In 1992 the club has become one of the founders of the English Premier League. Throughout its history of existence Chelsea has become the champion of England for 5 times. Many times it has won prestigious championships, such as UEFA.

It owns the home stadium called Stanford Bridge, located in Fulham. Presently the club is listed among the 10 top richest football clubs in the world, taking the 7th place. According to Forbes for 2015 it has evaluated the net worth of Chelsea in 1.4 billion dollars. Over its history the club has changed its colors and uniform styles. Presently they play in blue shirts and shorts with white spats. They also have the reserve black and white uniform.

 Chelsea team gotten a new trainer?

Has Chelsea gotten a new trainer Guus Hiddink.After the leaving of Mourinho his place is to be taken by Guus Hiddink. The “special” Jose was also one of the most expensive trainers ever, so after the break up the club would have to pay the total of 4 year contract amount to him – over 30 million pounds! Hiddink has already been Chelsea’s trainer once in 2009. He is 69 years of age now and is deemed to be a very successful sports manager. The future will tell if this decision would pay off for the club.

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Portuguese trainer Mourinho left famous team. According some sources, decision on resignation took leadership of club. Who will be new trainer of "Chelsea"? This question has no answer. Media do not exclude, that at time until team is looking for new trainer will mentor Acting known Dutch specialist Guus Hiddink, who, incidentally, has worked in "Chelsea", combining with work of Russian team. Most likely replacement for Mourinho as head trainer of "Chelsea" media call current trainer of Madrid "Atletico" Diego Simeone.

Answered 2 years ago.

Of course now English football club Chelsea in a tough situation. The team has settled at the bottom of the standings of the English championship, although last season Chelsea won the tournament. Club's head coach Jose Mourinho sent in his resignation, although he is considered one of the best coaches in the history of not only Chelsea, but world football. Although the press and raises the hype around the dismissal of Mourinho, I believe that the former chief coach of Chelsea just needs to rest, to gather strength. I am sure that soon this outstanding coach will return to work in one of the great clubs of the world.

Answered 2 years ago.
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