Has Perpetua Nkwocha Super Falcons star got married?

Has Monday 28th of March become a very special day for the Super Falcon star Perpetua Nkwocha? Find out more about her wedding.

There is some great news for Nigerian female footballer Perpetua Nkwocha – she got married! For a long time this 40 years has been one of the top Super Falcons stars and now it was her time to get to that happy day every woman dreams of.

Perpetua Nkwocha got married?

Perpetua Nkwocha wedding

The happy and holy event took place on March 28, 2016. Perpetua Nkwocha husband is Ernest Ikechukwu Nwufoh. They got wed in Imo. Our congratulations to the happy couple!

 Super Falcons star got married

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Perpetua Nkwocha biography

Perpetua Nkwocha 2016

This sports lady was born in 1976. Her full name is Perpetua Ijeoma Nkwocha. During her football career she has become African Women Footballer of the Year for 4 times. She also took part in 7 FFrican Women Championships and won the gold in 5 of them. Presently, she is not playing anymore and took a position of Super Falcons coach assistant.

 Super Falcons star

Perpetua Nkwocha news is joyful. Now only her sports career and life has become a notable success, but her personal life as well.  And we hope that the whole team of Super Falcons of Nigeria are rejoicing with their star. 


Honestly I never understood women who play football, but for every person that's their choice and their interests. Just married is very good, because every woman dreams about this day, even in 40 years, although this is not the limit but wait until that age can not each. But with it all, I just admire these women, because they are strong, and many girls have to follow suit. Make a career, not slomatsya life, and finally preobresti happy family. Good, let it be a happy woman will give birth to children themselves.

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