Has teen Nigerian tennis player become #3 in Africa?

Does the 3 best young tennis player of Africa come from Nigeria? Read her inspiring story!

 Nigerian tennis player #3 in Africa

Meet Marylove Edwards, she is not even 12 yet, but she has managed to become famous and the best in the whole Africa. Her story inspires.

Inspiring story of young tennis player from Nigeria:

In 2016 the girl has taken the 3rd position ITF/CAT 12 & Under Talent Identification Programme. The tournament was conducted in Morocco. The girl was born in 2005. Being just a toddler she started to play tennis with her father. In the past her dad was trained by Mohammed Ubale, the trainer of Nigerian junior team.

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Nigerian tennis player

When she grew up a bit, she started her work with the Temple Management Company creative agency. Now her sponsor is Zenith Bank. And she justified the hopes of her father and new coaches by being the 3rd in the competitions.

First she had the opponent from Kenya to beat and she did it, but she lost to her opponent from Morocco. This young girl has all the chances to become a great tennis player in the future. We wish her to keep on winning and being the credit to her family and country.

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