How a Nigerian footballer Paul Onuachu delivered victory to his club over Manchester United?

Nigeria has many great people to make it renown and Paul Onuachu is one of them. Find out what he did for his FC during the match with Manchester United.

Do you like football? But what do you know about it? Who is the most prominent player today? We are going to observe the achievements of Paul Onuachu. He's one of significant figures in the industry. But what has he actually done? Let’s find out!

Paul Onuachu nigerian footballer

Paul Onuachu Biography

Ebere Paul Onuachu is probably one of the youngest Nigerian football players. This talented guy was born in 1994. Thus, he is 21 by now. His career started in Ogun state with Ebedei of Ijebu-Ode club. In 2012, he transferred to Danish FC Midtjylland. He received scholarship from the affiliate team in Nigeria, which was called Ebedei. He has become successful really fast. That year, he also participated in the Cup. It appeared to be his first team debut. Then, by the end of the year, hit first league debut came. In 2013, contract with the club was signed, which was then extended in 2015. Thus, he is currently striker for Midtjylland FC.

Paul Onuachu biography

He is the player, whom every team wants to have. For instance, in 2015, Paul was also loaned to another Danish team, called Vejle Boldklu. He brought them five goals during the season.

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The most striking achievement of Paul Onuachu

Paul Onuachu career

The most significant thing in Paul’s career happened at the beginning of 2016. It was a match with Manchester United and he brought the winning goal to his team. Plenty of publications started talking about him after this. His goal made the result: 2-1 victory over Manchester United for Midtjylland in the Europe League.

Onuachu struck 13 minutes from time to lead Manchester United to their 11th defeat. It was probably one of the most striking victories for the club. Since that time, newspapers and TV shows cannot stop discussing Paul Onuachu’s life, career, and achievements. It means that Nigeria might be proud of its prominent player.

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What else can we expect from this young but promising footballer? Will he score much more goals in the upcoming season? Will he join the other club or stay with his current FC Midtjylland? Who knows? Nevertheless, he still deserves public attention right now!


Yes, I agree with the author of the text. Nigeria can be proud of their athletes. Many of our teenagers are equal to them. Purchases in the market the same shape as the players on the court and play football. Wow that Paul Onuachu still young, and already has a success in football. He has many fans. He is handsome. Not everyone at that age have such a great success. Well can I say, the guy done. The main thing that he left his beloved business. A further involved in football. It will reach even greater fame and bring the country wins.

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