How many steps are in a mile?

Do you know what the difference between a mile and a kilometer is and how many steps are there in a mile? This article will tell you more about this.

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Mile is different from a kilometer. Basically, a mile is an English length measurement. The term appeared in the Roman Empire, when the scientists decided to make up a general measurement for everyone. They decided that the best way to do this would be introducing a mile. Originally it was supposed to be 5 thousand Roman paces.

The Roman pace, in its turn, was roughly 5 feet. However, the Roman feet were a bit shorter than the ones we know now. Therefore, one mile equaled about 4,850 of today’s feet.

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Due to the difference of a furlong, which back then was a length of a furrow that oxen could plow within one whole day, the authorities argued about a mile for a long time. Until one day they decided that a mile should consist of six furlongs, each of which is 660 meters. That is how a mile became 5,820 feet.

Since pedometers are getting more and more popular, people are now wondering how many steps they make per mile. Well, the calculation is not difficult. However, in order to know how many steps you make per mile, you will need to conduct a short experiment.

First of all, people that are jogging, walking or running take different number of steps per mile. Typically, an average person takes approximately 2,000 to 2,500 steps per mile. However, this strongly depends on the height of person and the length of his/her stride.

So about the experiment I mentioned above: you will need to take time and measure the time you need to either walk or run a whole mile. If it takes you about 20 minutes to walk a mile, then you probably make 2250 steps per mile.

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However, the calculations show that when a person walks 4 miles per hour, this means that he/she makes 1950 steps per mile. The situation with steps per mile while running or jogging is different. Calculations show that if it takes a person at least 12 minutes to run a mile, this means that he/she makes 1950 steps per mile. In case someone runs or jogs a mile in 10 minutes, he/she makes approximately 1700 steps a mile. And finally, if when jogging or running you need 8 minutes to run a mile, it definitely means that you make 1400 steps per mile.

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This steps calculation is the easiest way to make sure how many steps you make per mile. You might need to remember these numbers in order to know how many miles you walked, ran or jogged a day. The health professionals state that an average person needs to walk at least 5 miles a day.

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In case you have a step tracker that does not show you the length you walked that day, it will be easier for you to calculate the number of miles you walked and to compare it to the number you need to walk to stay fit.

However, keep in mind that the length of your stride might differ depending on the type of shoes you wearing. In case you wear high heels or sneakers, the number of steps can be the same, while the lengths are very different. You should also take into account the place you were walking at. In case you chose city for a walk, you will probably have lots of stops and cross-roads on your way.

There are also pedometers that can calculate the number of steps you take per mile if you enter the length of your stride. A definition of a stride is a distance between two feet in a step. You can measure that by leaving footprints and measuring the lengths of a line between heels.

how many steps in a mile

Some people state that you can calculate the stride by multiplying the height of a person by 0.42%. This might be true but not in every case. It is better to try the footprint thing to measure the accurate stride lengths.

While still on a topic, considering the number of people leading a sedentary lifestyle, specialists highly recommend purchasing a Fitbit. Fitbit is a wireless device that is made in he shape of a watch. You put it on your wrist in order for it to track your daily activity.

Unlike the regular step tracker, Fitbit can calculate the number of the calories you burnt while walking, running and jogging. Surely, it shows you the number of steps you took during throughout the day. Moreover, it has a program that in case you enter your stride lengths will calculate the distances a person walked or ran.

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A Fitbit shows number of steps you take per mile and saves this data on your phone or a computer thanks to the function of the synchronization. The developers of this device also uploaded a special application for a smartphone with the help of which a user can synchronize his data/

The application and a device work with more than a hundred prominent smartphones. It might serve as a motivation for people leading a sedentary lifestyle; if they see that they do not walk enough and how much more they need to run or jog, they will try their best to achieve their goal.

I think you would agree that a clear set goal is more likely to be fulfilled than something like “I need to run more” or “I need to exercise more”. When you know how much exactly you need to run or walk, you will start doing it. This is a major reason to get a device.

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