How much do Nigerian footballers earn?

What are the salaries of the prominent Nigerian football players? How much do they earn? Let’s find out together.

yakubu footballer

It is commonly known that athletes that are playing on a professional level are usually very well-paid. Besides the passion they have for sports, salary is one of the main reasons they spend so much time training, working out and sweating, sweating, sweating.

Football players are known as one of the most paid athletes. It is not secret that they try very hard to show oаf so that possible sponsors or coaches from other clubs, usually better than their old ones, can notice them and offer a new better contract. They strive to develop great strategic set of mind as well as excellent physical shape.

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However, it is always interesting to know how much exactly they earn and whether it is really worth all the efforts. So reporters have started an investigation to find out what the salaries of Nigerian football players are.

This article will not discuss whether they deserve to be paid that much, but it will rather focus on the real numbers. The top football players I will mention all come from Nigeria; however, they play for the international clubs all around the globe.

The most expensive Nigerian football player is Yakubu Aiyegbeni. He turned out to be the top football earner. His one day of playing for Guangzhou team costs the club N3.6 million. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? If you wonder how much this football player earns a week, you will be surprised to learn that he makes N25.1 million a week. His yearly income is close to more than N12 billion. Way to go, Yakubu Aiyegbeni!

mikel Footballer

The next top football player that makes quite a fortune by playing football is John Mikelobi. He is not paid as much as the previous one; however, he is playing for a club with a world-known name – Chelsea. One day of this top football player costs the Chelsea about N2.8 million, while the week is around N20.1 million, which is still a lot of money for him! We are sure that Mikelobi will still become the most expensive football player; he just needs his time and developed strategy.

moses Footballer

The number three on our list is Victor Moses. You probably know him as a Chelsea player; however, you probably do not know that his one day costs the club N1.5 million. This football player is also considered to be the top football earner in the view that just one week of him playing for the club costs the coach more than N12 million. Let’s move on!

emenike Footballer

The other footballer we’ll tell you about is Emmanuel Emenike.  He climbed up the “career ladder” in football, was one noticed as a gifted player and was offered to play for Spartak Moscow. The club is honored to have him in the view of his talent and passion for the sport. Emmanuel Emenike earns N1.3 million a day which make around N9 million a week. His yearly income is approximately N440 million which makes him number Four among the rest of Top Football earners.

osaze Footballer

Meet Osaze Odemwingie! He plays for an English-based club called West Brom that is situated in West Bromwich in the West Midlands. As a result of his great performance and ability to work in a team to achieve the common goal, he was considered to be worth of N1.3 million a day. His weekly salary is the same as Emmanuel Emenike’s one – N9 million which is still good and makes him number five on our list.

Yobo Footballer

Number six in our article of top footballers that are paid the most for their careers is Joseph Yobo. He is now playing for a Turkish club with a more than a century-long history. He is currently employed by Fernabache. He was once offered to play for them, and the club even offered him a sizable remuneration. He now earns N1.3 a day for playing for the club. This makes his weekly compensation as big as almost N9 million.

martins Footballer

And the last footballer that was considered to be “top football earner” is Obafemi Martins. Even though his compensation size is ten times smaller than that of Yakubu Aiyegbeni, he is still considered to be one of the most expensive athletes coming from Nigeria. His daily wage is almost N360 k which makes his total weekly wage close to N2,5 million. This guy is playing for one of the successful Spanish football clubs. The club is now located in Valencia. Moreover, it is considered on of the oldest ones, as its history is more than 100 years long.  This proves that Obafemi Martins is known as a top footballer for a reason.

The list of these most expensive football players is not full, though. There are still numbers of other players that just as good and are working very hard to get into one of the football clubs like the ones mentioned above.

However, this list of top football players originating from Nigeria definitely proves that Nigeria makes great athletes who receive world’s recognition for their talents and passion for the sport they are doing. This should you make you proud for Nigeria!

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