How to get a ripped back?

Pumping muscles of the back is better not to combine with the of other large muscle groups such as chest muscles. It can be combined with exercises on the shoulder girdle or with abs workout. Isolated exercises for the back must always be performed after baseline.

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This basic polyarticular exercise for back muscles at the gym, in which almost all the major muscle groups of the body are additionally loaded.

Place your feet at shoulder width or slightly narrower, parallel or slightly turned out socks. The pose is chosen individually, based on the convenience of the exercise and the requirements of maximum stability. Sit down and take up the weight bar with the pronated grip, hands should be shoulder-width apart. The body tilted forward, back is straight and chest expanded.

At the beginning of the motion the back is fixed, the weight is taken by the straining of the leg muscles. Fully straighten your body, while your knees straighten last.

Lower the barbell on the same trajectory.

Special instructions:

  • The weight bar should slide along the legs. The weight bar moves in a strictly vertical plane. If the knees prevent, it is necessary to increase the angle of the forward. However, the distance should be no more than 2-3 cm between the legs and the barbell.
  • The back is always flat, diping when bending forward shouldn’t be at the waist, but hip joints.

Work out

Barbell bent-over row

This exercise involves lats and traps muscles, and rear delts and biceps.

Place your feet stable, on a comfortable width, knees slightly bent. Lean, and without bending your elbows, take up the weight bar with the pronated grip. Straighten, lifting the barbell.

Tilted forward about 30 degrees, slightly caved in at the waist, the bar is at the level of the knees. Lumborum are strained.

Tighten the bar to the lower abdomen, placing your elbows straight back and lifting them as high as possible, trying to work the muscles of the back, not the biceps.

Linger at the highest point for 1-2 seconds and return the bar down smoothly.

Special instructions:

  • Leg and head remain stationary position.
  • The distance between the hands on the bar should be a little more than shoulder width.

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Hand weight bent-over row

This exercise pumps the lower edge of the lats muscles. It allows to increase the range of motion as compared with conventional exercise and to reduce the load on the back.

There are 2 variants of the original position:

  • Standing sideways to the horizontal bench, put left knee and lower leg on the bench and stretch in it with bent left arm. Lean the body horizontally, the right leg aside and back.
  • Both feet on the floor, the left leg front and right leg bent at the knee. Stretch the left arm in the bench, lean the body.


Take a dumbbell with your right hand, the hand hangs freely.

Inhaling, pull the dumbbell to your belt or higher in an arcuate path, the highest point a little linger.

Exhaling, return the dumbbell down.

Special instructions:

  • Do not deploy the body in order to raise the maximum height.
  • Do not divert your elbows to the side.

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The essence of the exercise is to shrug your shoulders with weight. Shrugs are isolated exercises for the formation of the traps muscle, and perfectly complement the basic exercises on your back. For beginners, this exercise is optional, but gradually rise the need for its inclusion in the training program.

Shrugs standing

For this, a dumbbell or bar with a curved stamp will be ideal - it will not put pressure on the legs or groin as usual weight bar.

Starting positions - the top point of the deadlift. Without bending your arms, lift the shoulders as high as possible.

Lower the shoulders, controlling the movement of the bar muscle strength.

The best option is to do the back exercises with dumbbells or take Trap-bar. The straight bar is better to keep with different grip (one arm is straight, the other with the reverse grip), changing the position of the hands.

Special instructions:

  • You can’t do shoulders rotational motion - may result in injury of the shoulder joint.

Work out

Wide-grip lat pulldown

The basis of this exercise in a gym is the principle of pull-ups. It loads the lats, biceps and front delts.

Seat on the simulator, take up its bar with the wide grip, slightly bent arms. Bend the lower back.

Tighten the handle to the top of the chest.

Slowly return the handle back.

Special instructions:

  • To relieve tension on the biceps, you can use an open grip (thumb is on top of the bar).

Work out

Cable seated row

Exercise is aimed at the lower portions of the lats muscle, the delts, the forearm.

Seat on the simulator, stretch legs in its housings and take up the arms. Straighten your back and stretch a bit to lean the body back. Hands stretched out in front of you, shoulders and biceps relaxed.

Slowly pull the handle to the stomach, keeping back posture.

Straighten your arms to the starting position.

Special instructions:

  • Do not round your back.
  • Perform all repetitions at the same pace.

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This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar. The main burden falls on the back extensors, hamstrings and glutes. The work includes small back muscles that are not worked out by any other exercises. Strong loin muscles are very helpful to accelerate progress in basic exercises such as the deadlift and others, and faster pumping the back in the gym.

Special instructions:

  • You do not need to go down too low, an angle of 90 degrees between the body and legs is enough.
  • At the top you should not bend backwards, it is harmful to the spine.

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Anatomy of the back muscles

In order to work out the back, you need at least a little understanding of the structure, the muscles that form your back. It is accepted to divide back into three sections: top, middle and bottom. We will not torment you with all sorts of terms and tell only about the main muscles.

Trapezoid and rhomboid muscles are in the upper part of the back. Rhomboid muscles are worked out very well, when pulling up but traps are included in the work very poorly. But traps work well with dips.

In the middle part of the back the largest muscles - lats are located. They allow your back to become wider and take V - shaped form. These muscles work at 100% when you do all the exercises that we have written.

There is still a long back muscle, it passes along the spine and is responsible for its protection, so that the stronger this muscle, the stronger your spine. To exercise this muscle you should do "hyperextension".

Well, that's all, we have tried to tell you the most relevant information, while removing all sorts of superfluous terms of training back home. Follow our advice, use the exercises that we have shown, practice and you will get a ripped back. If you have any  questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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