How to increase your hips

You want to have big beautiful hips? This article is for you!

It happens quite often that women get upset about their weight and how their body looks like. A lot of women prefer to have small hips size rather than the big one and they look for the ways to lose weight.However, there is another type of women who suffer from the lack of weight and they wonder how to increase the hips size naturally. And it’s absolutely a great idea so if you’re the one of those women, you should get started! This way we can show the world how beautiful Nigerian girls are.


You can do three things: change the shape of your body by changing your clothes (new underwear, other colours of clothes), you can also work on the development of the hip muscles doing specific exercises. What is more, you can also try lipofilling which is a transplant surgery using your own fat. It’s like buttocks. You should choose from one of those methods depending on your purpose.

When you reach your goal and have excellent hips you can show to your man how sexy you’ve become and be sure that he will appreciate it.

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If you want to know how to increase your hips at home, you should start with some sport. If you start now you will see the result in a week!

Exercises for increasing hips

If you're skinny, but you want to have beautiful hips don’t get upset. The thing is that how they look like depends on the muscle mass.


In order to increase your hips size your muscle mass needs to pump up. It’s necessary to do all the exercises slowly. During your training you need to try to strain the muscles of your hips as much as possible. Do these exercises at least three times a week and it will help you to get rid of the flabby hips and make them fancier.


Deep squats can lead you to a fast result. Do not rush, take it slow but work hard.


If you don’t have the hips you want but you don’t have time for sport there’s an easier way to help you look better. You can hide anything you don’t like about your appearance with the help of the proper clothes.


Don’t wear jackets or blouses with broad shoulders so that the lower part of your body doesn’t look small. You should also avoid puffed sleeves for the same reason.

It’s also important to remember that light colors make your body look bigger.

In general you should choose bright-colored clothing or floral and geometric patterns.

It’s also great if you wear jackets with a deep neckline and short sleeves. You can wear corsets or tight shirts too.


Lipofilling can not only make your hips bigger but it also makes them look a lot better than before. However, it’s not the healthiest way to increase your hips.

Lipofilling will make your hips look differently and at the same time you will get rid of fat in unwanted places (for example in the waist area). Today it’s the most popular procedure for those willing to increase the volume of the hips.

It is also important that you are already older than 18. You need to be that age in order to do any plastic surgery. It would be just perfect if the patient was also healthy and had no bad habits. But in general it’s the doctors who decide if the surgery is possible.

increase hips

The final result of the surgery can only be estimated a few months later. The lipofilling surgery will take only about one hour. However, doctors usually inject a little bit more sells under your skin than needed.

You can also try some creams and lotions. There are many creams to make your hips bigger. They work in different ways including the restoration of the lost collagen to increase the muscle regeneration around the hips.

Give birth! Women's hips are expanding to make this process easier. Sometimes the hips start to look the same as they were before pregnancy but usually women stay with the same size of hips after they give birth to a baby.


Don't know how true this is, but Danish scientists insist that thin thighs is bad. Recent scientific studies indicate that men and women with a circumference of the thighs more than 60 cm less suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and less likely to die prematurely.

According to Danish researchers, people with thin thighs are not enough muscle mass to the body correctly processed insulin. Such a failure in the body increases the risk of diabetes, and this leads to heart disease. Therefore, the Danish scientists suggest women and men to pay attention to your hips, give them the load, which would increase the volume of the thighs. How to increase the size of the hips

* Exercise at least three times a week.

* Load all the muscles of the thighs.

* Use a weight you can lift no more than 10 times in a row.

* After three months the volume of your hips will increase by 6-10%

Food for thought: it is better to live a lazy life with thin hips and to die in agony, or to do exercises to increase hips and live a full life.

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