Hull City dismisses Sone Aluko

The latest news from the Hull City club! Guess what? Your favorite player is free to leave now. Read more about it here!

The well-known football players Tom Huddlestone and Ahmed Elmohamady will get their contracts extended as their old ones are almost done. That’s what the representatives of Hull City said. They also mentioned that Sone Aluko is dismissed from the club and he can leave any time.

sone aluko

At the last Premier League game these two players showed themselves extremely professional. They won in the match with Sheffield Wednesday with a score 1:0.

Footballers themselves didn’t mention their planes on future but the coach and the Hull City FC really want to keep them for the most important games this year.

But there will be no such thing for Sone Aluko. He won’t get a contract. That’s because if he did, it would have been bad for him and his career. He would have to stay in East Yorkshire for 4 years.

However, Eldin Jakupovic will have his contract extended. He is the goalkeeper. Anyway, Hull City now really depends on Huddlestone and Elmohamady to be the best players.

While the Premier League and some other games, both athletes showed themselves terrifically good.

They stayed really strong throughout all matches and got a lot of wins for the team. It shows that both Huddlestone and Elmohamady are very talented footballers who deserve to be in the team.

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They also admitted that they wouldn’t mind to still be a part of the Hull City club but they can’t reassure anyone yet. That’s because the athletes are very talented and professional. And age of both of them is also suitable (28 and 29). Therefore, there might be even better places for them to continue their careers.

Two years ago Matty Fryatt and Stephen Quinn also received a suggestion to stay and extend their contracts.

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As for Sone Aluko, he is indeed a great sportsman. Even after he found out that there is no future for him in the club, he still played in the game.

And he was also great during the whole season. In total, Aluko scored three goals for his team, which certainly is not bad. However, he needs to get more practice in order to come back to Premier League.

Brief Biography

Omatson "Sonia" Aluk is famous for playing for the Hull City, Nigeria. He was born in England and has an English citizenship but his history goes back to Nigeria.

sone aluko

He played with a lot of clubs but he became famous only with City. Nowadays he obviously has a lot of fans who support him all the time.

And even though the footballer comes from England, his decision was to play for Nigeria – his real motherland. It really deserves respect. However, as a teenager he played in junior teams for England.

Anyway, the footballer doesn’t have to worry about his future as there will obviously be a demand for him as a player. And it might be useful for him to practice a little bit more.

Also later it would help him to get better and come back to the Hull City. So let’s support Aluko and wish him to be successful with his future goals and career.

There’s another problem in the club. We are still not sure who the owner will be now. A few days ago there was a meeting of a manager of the club and Ehab Allam.

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But they didn’t make any deal as he needed to go on vacation to think about the offer. The only thing that fans can do is waiting for this decision.

What is more, Allam was asked if he still wants to be a part of the Hull City but we also have no certain answer for that. He also gets a lot of offers and right now he’s busy because he really needs to take care of his father who is sick.

To sum up, all the footballers have worked hard during this season. Most of them got what they deserved and what they earned by their hard work. And we, as fans, will certainly support our favourite sportsmen and wish them good luck in the upcoming games.

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