Is footballer Robert Song dead?

Did you hear the sad news about the legendary footballer Robert Song? Learn of his death now.

Robert Song dead

An end comes to all the living creatures on our planet. This famous footballer met with an untimely death. Get the sad news of Robert Song.

Who is Robert Song?

The man was born in 1976. He turned 40 on July 1. For 17 years he has been on the Cameroon’s national football team (1993 to 2010). He used to play as a center back on field.

He played in many renown teams, he has become the youngest player ever, who was sent off in a World Cup (being just 17 years old). Some fans called him the Big Chief.

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Robert Song dead

Is Robert Song dead?

The sad news started to come on October 3, 2016. He collapsed and was taken to the hospital. October 7 was the day, when Cameroon authorities officially confirmed the death of the great footballer. R.I.P., Robert Song!

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