Is pro wrestling fake or real?

WWE is the world’s famous organization that conducts fights. They look so awesome, that some cannot believe those are staged. But are they really? Read on to find out.

Wrestling is a very popular entertainment, especially among the males. However, very few people actually know the truth about it. And that’s why there is a frequent question: is pro wrestling fake?

wrestling fake or real

Before to give an answer, let’s observe the issue a bit closer. First, let us deal with the term. Wrestling is considered an athletic form of entertainment, which is usually fictional. Its basis is extremely exaggerated portrayal of a real combat sport. Thus, if you ask, Is pro wrestling fake? Yes, it is. However, it has its own style and displays features of a combat. Besides, it is usually not just one style, but a combination of them, which include martial arts (of various existing forms), classical wrestling (refers to the Ancient Greek one), and catch wrestling (hybrid grappling style).

WWE. Is it real or fake?

Is pro wrestling fake or real?First of all, don’t you want to consider what is WWE? This acronym stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is an American company, which actually deals with professional wrestling. If you consider WWE wrestling real, you are wrong. As it is connected with pro one, it is not. To make sure, just look at the definition above once again.

So, the main revenue sources of the company come from movie, music, product licensing, and direct sales. It was founded by Vince McMahon in 1980. It is also connected with professional wrestling promotion. It is a federation, which was also founded by McMahon family. What they do is performing shows involving professional wrestlers. Everything that concerns WWE pro is up to them, including logistics, management and advertising issues. It is even possible to call them the largest wrestling promotion company. What they are responsible for:

  • sanctioning (without them no matches are allowed or possible),
  • governing (they control everything during the event),
  • ranking (they can make special lists of best wrestlers, divide them into certain groups, etc.).
  • In the course of time, the name of the company has changed. In various periods, it has carried the following titles:
  • Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. It was much prior to the actual foundation by Vince McMahon. In 1952, they began promoting boxing.
  • World Wide Wrestling Federation was created in 1963.
  • Is pro wrestling fake Titan Sports, Inc. It was in 1980. The younger McMahon bought a corporation from his father. He managed to hire several outstanding wrestlers during that time.
  • World Wrestling Federation, Inc. In 1998, the company was renamed again.
  • In 2002, it finally got its current legal name World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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Legal dispute

Throughout the history, there have been several disputes. The most prominent are the following:

Is pro wrestling realTitan Sports vs. World Wide Fund for Nature in 1994. The reason was the use of WWF shortening by both organizations. World Wide Fund for Nature did not want wrestling company to be associated with such acronym. They finally managed to come to a kind of agreement. The spoken usage was lowed in broadcastings. However, it wasn’t completely eliminated.

The year of 2000. World Wide Fund for Nature sued World Wrestling Federation Entertainment in the UK. The reason was obvious – constant violation of agreement, which had been achieved in 1994. The Court of Appeal agreed. And in 2002, company started the Get The F Out marketing campaign in order to shift from WWF to WWE. Even the website URL was changed. Thus, the use of WWF name in reference to wrestling was prohibited.

Since 2012, the WWF shortening has not been censored any more in archival footage, as new settlement was reached with World Wide Fund for Nature. However, they still cannot apply it in any new materials, videos or logos.

 wrestling fake or real?Now you cannot only answer the question Is professional wrestling fake? You also know a little bit more about the history of its promoting company. If you are really interested in the information you have received, you can always have a closer look at the previous show, programmes, and some other things by means of WWE network.

WWE Basics

Now, when you’ve got enough data, you may get familiar with the basics of such entertainment. They include:

  1. The main idea is ancient and originates from Greece: two people compete in a physical combat.
  2. Today we observe the form of freestyle wrestling.
  3. Professional wrestlers are always paid (in contrast to the amateurs); they are more skilled as well.
  4. Professional wrestling is usually intentionally unregulated.
  5. Special writers work on the plot of a match beforehand. The result does not depend on a wrestler’s skills.
  6. Every match is like a chapter in the story.
  7. All the moves are choreographed and well-trained.
  8. Wrestlers do not intent to hurt each other.
  9. Many participants are outstanding athletes and even movie actors.
  10. The vision of fake depends on the professional skills of the wrestlers, because everything is like in a film.

Concerning thIs wrestling fake?e rules of such entertainment, you must know that they are very flexible. They are often changed or even neglected. Nevertheless, there exist the following guidelines:

  • every match usually lasts for 20 minutes,
  • it is possible to win a match by a pinfall,
  • it is possible to lose by submission,
  • wrestlers can be disqualified, for instance, for standing outside the ring for too long,
  • the participants are divided into teams, and only one member is allowed to perform at the same time.

Is pro wrestling fake or real 2Now when you know the answer Is WWE fake wrestling, it is up to you to decide whether you still like it or not. However, what is more important is not the fight. The work of athletes, the plot, and the general impression are the essential things in wrestling. You may watch it just like a movie and get pleasure. Moreover, when you know that nobody will be hurt, you can feel free to enjoy. There is a great opportunity to look at the beautiful moves from real combo sports with the help of this entertainment. That’s why, forget it is fictional and just delight in the process and story!

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