Is Serena Williams the oldest player who have won major tennis tournament?

What are the latest achievements of Selena Williams? What do people know and talk about her? Let’s find out more information about this outstanding woman.

Serena Williams

Have you heard about Serena Williams? How old is she? What are her latest achievements in tennis? Is it hard for her? Let’s find out right now!

Serena Williams. Tennis

S. Williams is one of the professional and outstanding tennis players. She was born in the USA. She is even called Number-1 in women’s singles in a whole world. She received this title for the first time in the far 2002. In 2013, the woman managed to get it once again, proving her outstanding abilities. The same position was in the years 2014 and 2015.

She’s the one, who obtained the greatest number of titles among males and females. She has 38 of them in total.

She is now 34, but despite Serena Williams age, she keeps taking part in tennis events. The player participated in the following competitions:

• Australian Open,

• Hopman Cup,   

• French Open,

• US Open,

• WTA Finals,

• Fed Cup,          

• Wimbledon.

There were singles, doubles and a few mixed doubles among them.

Serena Williams Grand Slam

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Serena Williams. Grand Slam

This tennis player has participated in plenty Grand Slam championships. She won lots of them, and became runner-up in the others. She obtained Gold Medals for some competitions.

She was born in 1981. By now, a woman’s won more than 20 titles in Grand Slam. She became a professional player in 1995, as she has been hardly trained since the age of 3. In 1996, she was ranked the 99th in the world ranking. In 1999, she got her U.S. Open title.

Serena Williams tennis

Serena Williams. Latest news

According to the recent information, S. Williams has obtained 22 Grand Slam titles in tennis singles. This is a really hard achievement for 34-year-old player.

Many people start thinking that it is easy for her, as she has obtained so many medals and titles. But you are mistaken thinking it is simple. For Serena, it is a hard everyday work. That’s why her accomplishments should not be underappreciated in any way.

The player says that she has never thought, she will play tennis at this age, but she still does. She is fairly called a legendary player and significant figure in all history of sport.

Serena Williams latest news

After winning the latest Wimbledon, a tennis legend agreed, it was kind of duty, as everyone waited for her to win. However, at the same time, it turned to be a great achievement for her.

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