Is Tiger Woods retired? – He goes through slow surgery rehab

Is Tiger Woods to return to the field this season? Find out if he is retired.

Is Tiger Woods retired?

If you do not know who Tiger Woods is – read his short bio below. This name is the first one that comes to your mind when you think golf. Is he retired or just taking a break in his sports career?

Short Tiger Woods biography

His career started back in 1997. He is one of the top Blasian Celebrities of the world, and Blasian stands for the “black Asians”. In USA Tiger Woods is the youngest winner of the U.S. Masters. What is Tiger Woods age? He was born back in 1975, so he is around 40 now. In October 2010 he has become World’s #1 in golf.

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It seems like even the top people in our world live by the rule: pride comes before the fall. The man sinned and got several lovers. His marriage broke down and in 2011 he took only 58th place among the golfers due to losing his sports’ shape.

 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods net worth

He is listed among the top paid sportsmen in the world. In the Forbes list of the young entrepreneurs he takes the 26th position out of 40. His net worth is over 700 million dollars. Only 10 percent of his fortune is earned by golfing, the rest of it comes from his business activities.

However, his divorce cost him tons of money, as he paid his ex-wife Elin Nordegren a compensation for the infidelity of over 100 million US dollars!

Tiger Woods 2016

Is Tiger Woods retired?

He has not retired altogether, but he took a leave for treating his injuries. The best golfer in the world may not return to the field this year. He has been through the back surgery. Presently the star undergoes a slow rehab after it.

By all means, he wants to avoid having to do another operation on his back. So, does not take the risks of going out to the field just now.

As you may see, despite his talent and riches, the man still got his share of troubles in this world. No one is to avoid them!

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