José Mourinho is at the cup of his first Manchester United signing

What is the latest news about José Mourinho’s contract with Manchester United? What will he get in the case of victory of his team? Read the article to find all answers on these questions.

José Mourinho

José Mourinho Manchester United

The Spanish informational agency has reported that former trainer of Chelsea has signed the preliminary agreement to hold a post of the head coach of Manchester United to summer of this year. If for some reason the prime contract isn't signed to this term, Mourinho will receive compensation of 15 million pounds sterling from club.

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 José Mourinho Manchester United

According to Gestifute Company providing, agency services to football players, the Portuguese trainer has agreed to pass to Old Trafford stadium a month ago. However he carefully hid it and continues to tell about intention to begin work in new club in summer. Agents connect this ambiguity with the fact that signing of preliminary contract, Manchester has kept a field for retreat. And careful José Mourinho doesn't want to fall into an awkward situation at unsuccessful turn of events.

If MU doesn't sign the prime contract, then it will pay Mourinho 5 million pounds sterling if it stretches till June, but won't finish the transaction. Terms are established so as in May the complete set of teams comes to the end. Contracts are signed and plans for the next season appear.

Eric Bailly

Signing of final contract is slowed by the most influenced people of Old Trafford – Sir Alex Ferguson and sir Bobbie Charlton. They aren't sure that after scandals in Chelsea he is a suitable figure to replace Louis van Gaal. As for Mourinho, he has a spare way in Real Madrid club, which will take him to replace Zinedine Zidane with pleasure. However, the trainer would prefer to stay in England.

'I am glad that I began a work in Manchester United. Now it takes all my time. I want to be part of all this and I will be. I want to enjoy soccer in my home — in Old Trafford'.

champions league

A week ago, Mourinho has for the first time visited training base 'Manchester United' — Karrington. The contract of the 53-year-old trainer is calculated on three years with a possibility of extension at least till 2020.

Now he is going to invite Villarreal defender Eric Bailly to the tem. In opinion of Mourinho, he will strengthen the abilities of Manchester. One more news about Jose Mourinho – champions league: he will receive 15 million pounds in the case of victory of MU.

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