Joseph Jobo will play in the Nigeria Professional Football league

Do you love Nigeria Professional Football league? Do you want to know who has join it? Joseph Jobo! You will be surprised why! Who else will fight for our victory? Read the article and find out now!

Joseph Jobo

The former captain of Nigeria Joseph Yobo, who played for Everton and Fenerbahce will play in the Nigeria Professional Football league for the remaining games of the season, that would be a major coup for our Nigerian league.

Joseph Yobo plans his playing career in the Nigerian professional football league. The organizers of the League and also LMC (League Management Company) announced it in their Twitter on Tuesday.

The new understanding created by LMC, told about retiring Nigerian international players who had played abroad. Now they may return to the Nigerian league and join any club that meets with their point of view, at the same time the NPFL will partly fund the salary of the player too.

Jobo in Nigeria

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This idea of the NFF must attract different investors and all fans to stadiums, as they want to see their heroes in action, playing for their favorite local clubs.

Ex Nigerian midfielder Sani Kaita became the first ‘high-quality’ player, who took part in this scheme. Chairman of LMC Shehu Dikko had told ESPN, that in any case the Joseph Yobo’s experience will be of extremely important for the development of the league.

‘Having a person like Joseph Yobo, with his huge achievements in the games and his successful profile, will certainly be an incentive for the league and all the players. So he will help us and we are extremely proud having him’, said Shehu Dikko.

But who is Joseph Yobo? 

Joseph Michael Jobo

His real name in home country is Joseph Michael Yobo. His was born on the 6th of September, 1980. He is 35 years old. Place of birth is Kono, Nigeria. His height is 1,88 m. So he is quite tall as for a football player. People mention that his nationality is Nigerian and English. Playing Position is often defense - center back. Also his ‘foot’ is right. His popular agent is Burak Sallak. Now he has no current club, because of the end of the career. This decision was made on 26th of November, 2015. His highest market value was in July, 2008, it was about 11,50 millions of euro.

Jobo smiles

In 2010, Joseph Yobo married Adaeze Igwe, a former MBGN. The midnight ceremony was held in Jos. The couple created a wedding as a pretty closed ceremony. They had met only three months before that in December 2009.  Although, the rumors said they had some marital troubles and problems, which they tried to hide from the press, the couple denied it and in April 2010 had a handsome baby-boy Joey Yobo.

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