Kimbo Slice, Popular MMA Fighter, Is Found Dead

Kimbo Slice, a legend of MMA fighting, died this week. The world mourns and prays for his family and teammates.

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice who was an athlete at the Organization of Mixed Martial Arts was announced dead this week. Loss of this man saddened a great number of people including his family, fans and colleagues.

Before he passed away, he was hospitalized on Monday to the local hospital. The doctors diagnosed him with heart failure. They recommended him to get a heart transplant. He just did not have enough time for that.

He left his 6 children (three boys and 3 girls) fatherless and desperate. They are now taken care of by his girlfriend. Kimbo was only 42.

kimbo slice dead

Allegedly, the heart failure was a result of 2 heart attacks which he faced during his last fight. This very fight, namely Bellator 149, took place in February 216. He won the match; however, after being tested positive for steroids judges gave the victory to his competitor, James Thompson. Later they scheduled another match that was supposed to take place in July.

Kimbo Slice became a celebrity long before he started fighting at MMA. He first appeared on Youtube and became a real star! He was filmed while fighting bare-fists on the streets. His friends uploaded these videos on the Internet, and as the astonished with his fighting talents audience shared these videos he earned much attention.

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kimbo slice mma

Later on, Kimbo was invited to join TUF (The Ultimate Fighter). That was his first appearance on the professional arena.

As he himself explained later to the press, he suffers constant struggles inside his head. As Kimbo Slice mentioned, he hated hurting people and always wanted to run away from doing that. He said that it was against his nature and he was always afraid that he might die at one of the matches one day. Kimbo confessed that he did not want his children to know what death he died as a death of an Ultimate Fighter is quite violent.

kimbo slice fighting

However, Slice kept doing what he was doing as he had to provide for his children. And only knowing how to fight, it was the only career he could take.

His life had some highs and lows. He once was homeless and then turned into a fighting Champion. He felt bad about hurting people in the cage but was proud of setting new records in this field.

He lost some of his fans after the information on him being on steroids was revealed. This news went viral on the Internet and he was condemned by his biggest followers. As they explained, taking steroids to win is an awful thing. It is not fair and cheap.

Kimbo slice died

Organization of MMA is doing random checks of their fighters from time to time and all the fighters are being tested before each match. They say they do not want to leave a chance for fighters to cheat. Though, as practice shows, it still happens.

The teammates and just athletes Kimbo Slice was close to, express their deep sorrow about the loss of a real legend and a talented professional. As devastated as it is only possible, they try to support his family and friends. He was a real family-person, devoted husband and a guide to his children.

This incident brings the question of Mixed Martial Arts on the table: is it safe? Or even is it at all worth fighting there if these fights can make such damage to health? Specialists fight over these questions for a long time now. Some of them even demand to forbid this sport worldwide.

The death of Kimbo Slice was closely connected to suffering from the damage caused by fighting. So we will see what impact this will have on the fighting world and their decisions.

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