Luxemburg vs Nigeria: what are your expectations?

What was the match of Luxemburg and Nigeria interesting with? What were the expectations of fans? Read the article to learn all details about the last game of Super Eagles.

Many fans of football were looking forward to this match, which took place on the 31th of May. After victory over national team of Mali, Super Eagles have decided not to stop and continued their excellent game.

On 01 June 2016 is became known that Nigeria has won a victory over Luxembourg in friendly match with the score 3:1.

Luxemburg vs Nigeria

The account has been opened on the 36th minute of Brown Ideye. Thus, he has created a comfortable position for team of Nigeria, and the national team has left on break with one goal in their score.

Kelechi Iheanacho, who was earlier a player in Manchester City, has already helped Eagles to score a goal in game against Mali. On the 69th minute, he has made it again, having lifted the score to 2-0.

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Further Vincent Thill from Luxembourg team after all could score a goal in gates of Nigeria, however Odion Ighalo compensated a situation, and Nigeria has won with the score 3-1.

We will remember that Super Eagles have also won against Mali on Friday, May 27. After that, players have begun to stake on the forthcoming matches. According to 71% of people, Nigeria had to win.


I'm not good at football, but something tells me that Nigeria will win. Of course, in all the will of God, but I look at the potential of children and realize that they are definitely stronger and more powerful than their opponents. I certainly do not plan to raise rates, but if I had the chance, my vote would be for Nigeria, they really deserve it, deserve to be champions and recognizable all over the world! I sincerely believe that the guys are preparing some such strategy that will help them to keep the leaders in any championship.

Answered 1 year ago.

I never was fond of football, but they are very interested in my husband and I with him already learned a lot of players, teams, and with the rules of football. For Nigeria, I am very happy, well done guys, this is a very good result, they were worthy of victory. And the country is a huge plus, and the citizens of this country should be proud of this team. Guys really good fellows, such success is achieved not everyone can. They really zaslu3zhili applause and respect. Thanks for the article, I read out loud, her husband very much, waiting for further news and pobet Nigeria team.

Answered 1 year ago.
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