Manchester United vs Everton: The match ends in a goalless draw

Were you happy about Manchester United vs Everton match on the third of August? How it happened that the match ended in a goalless draw?

Manchester United

In a friendly match, which took place on August 3 two English clubs Manchester United and Everton met in an entertaining game. Both teams did not show their best during season games, despite that, neither Manchester United nor Everton managed to win a match which ended with a draw.

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The Reds at the end of last season were in the fifth place, despite the fact that they scored 66 points as much as standing in front Manchester City. The ending of the season for the team was not very successful, but still, the team finished in the top of the standings. For last month Manchester United held three test matches, wherein two of them they turned to be victorious at Wigan 2: 0 and Galatasaray 5: 2 and lost to Borussia Dortmund 1: 4. The staff for this season had been severely changed. Zlatan Ibrahimovic became one of the new players, who would undoubtedly improve the game of Red Devils.

Football Match

Having received a painful blow to his ego, behind Borussia Dortmund with the score 1: 4 Manchester United threw all the negative energy to the Turkish Galatasaray, beating it with score 5: 2. With regards to the game with Galatasaray, it is worth noting the goal of Henrik Mkhitaryan, a new player who came under the leadership of Mourinho just from Borussia. It`s needed to say, that finally, Manchester United had the chance to be a constructive and spectacle in the attack. Armenian established itself as a very skilful player, so its purchase, it is a definite plus for the team, which suffered a lot in the last season. Do not forget about Ibrahimovic, who scored in the match with the Turks, and Rooney is still in good shape. The company was very reliable, so bookmakers could safely make a bet on a goal or two from Manchester United, but it didn`t happen.

Everton Match

As for Everton, their last season was a bit worse compared to Manchester United. The final table of the team was only in 11th place. Recently, the team conducted five test matches, three of which were recorded as victories.

Manchester Match

Could The Toffees possibly be a challenge to Red Devils? This was the big question. Despite everything, bookmakers and fans expected the spectacular game, although The Blues did not show the active game in last matches. Yes, there were winners in previous games, but then the opponents were weak. Analytics prognosis was that if Everton had played with some venerable ensembles, we could have seen one goal or nothing from them.

Everton vs Manchester

As it was seen from the match at Old Trafford, there were no winners at all. None of the players managed to hit a single goal in the gates of rivals. This game can be called a victory for The Blues as they stay far in the tournament score from The Reds. Nevertheless, for The Devils, it was a disaster, especially with new players in their pockets. According to Mourinho, his team does not wish to stop on buying new players for the football club. It seems that they need a new blood into their veins. As for the Blues, the Premier League is not successful for them in this season, so they would need to play hard next time to manage the match not only in the goalless draw.

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