Olympics 2016 Nigeria vs. Sweden: What did we learn from this football match?

Nigeria vs. Sweden. What should we notice in this Olympics 2016 football match? Why should Nigeria be proud of its team? Learn all the news and details of the latest match here right now!

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Last night the Dream Team VI once again proved that they are top pretender for the gold medal in the football challenge of the Rio Olympics 2016.

National U-23 side has shown the whole world that they can play much better than in their first match against Japan, where they came only for several hours before the game. Siasia had a constant composition, which beat Japan and the team began constantly growing in confidence against their difficult Swedish counterpart with 1-0 victory.

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Here are the five top 5 things you should notice watching the Nigeria vs Sweden football match:

1. Organizing and coordinating:  as they did in the first match, there were average seven or eight passes from defense to midfield, which kept their opponents on their toes the whole match.

The Dream Team played together as one inseparable unit like there were no ‘star’ selfish plays at all – that score was not the main purpose for the players as each player advanced to use the closest option available when it is needed.

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2. Covering: as the Nigerian football team made the game, they also made sure that when the Swedish side started to build an attack U-23 side regrouped and covered all the gaps. That has made their opponents lose all needed possession in the final third.

Siasia must have already seen the tape of the very first match and the true Dream Team marking aspect. It was corrected much as the whole defense line was not ever breached where legendary Emmanuel Daniel did not have to make any save in the match.

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3. Chances: there were a lot of scoring chances but the U-23 team seemed to be very wasteful in front of gates. Umar and Etebo missed some chances that should have predicted the end of the match in the first 45 minutes.

Nonetheless, brilliant goalkeeping performed by Andreas Linde managed to keep Swedish team on a good level in the match as if not him there would have been about five more goals at the end of this game.

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4. Tactical Changes: Siasia is one of numerous coaches that likes making substitutions. So he did handling the Nigerian team. Aminu Umar went out for tired Sadiq Umar and Mikel was also subbed for Madu.

Both substituted players showed signs of fatigue, and the new duo were brought to cover the gaps in the attack and in midfield.

5. The new guy on the block: after missing a couple of chances and fail to perform a goal in the match, Etebo became a real trouble for the Swedish defense, thus making the two players booked. Nigerian four-goal hero wandered in all the front line areas and was a real handful of Swedish team, which could not limit or stop his strength, speed and power.

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Olympic Games 2016 are full of interesting competitions and matches! Keep watching and following the biggest sport event in the world with us!

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