Olympics 2016: Where to watch football match between Nigeria and Columbia online?

Are you ready to watch the last football match for the Nigeria in 2016 Olympics’ Group B? Read this article to find a short info about the teams!

nigeria vs columbia stadium

The June 11 will be a day of a great football match of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. National football team of Nigeria is going to meet with a team of Columbia.  Both of the teams have already played 2 of 3 matches in their group and this match is going to define who will go to the quarterfinals. So, all of the players will have to put maximum efforts for gaining the victory.

Let us observe the teams and their chances.

Nigerian U-23

nigerian football player

Nigerian team has already played against Japan and Sweden and showed great results. Playing 5 to 4 with Japan and 1-0 with Sweden, Nigerian superstars have made their way to the top of the group B.
Currently the Nigerian team has already gained and it is pre-qualified for the quarterfinals. The victory is not actually essential to gain, but let’s put our hopes that the players will do their best.

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Columbian U-23

columbian football player

The situation for the Columbians is not as colorful and promising as for the Nigerians. Currently they have gained two draws. They’ve opened their season with 2-2 against the Swedish and then the same situation has repeated when they were playing with Japanese. Currently they obtain 2 points and for gaining the victory they will have to show something impossible against the Nigerian team.


Of course, football is the most unpredicted kind of sports. However, you may find a lot of predictions on the internet which claim the Columbia will win this match with 1-0. Well, football “experts” from the internet tend to make a lot of mistaken predictions, as the earlier teams’ result show the opposite.

Where to watch

There are several web-sites if you do not have an access to the cable TV. Here is the list of some of them:




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