Paralympics 2016: New Google's animated doodle and banned athletes

Paralympics 2016 opening in Rio was marked with a new fun doodle by Google. Find out what this doodle is and what athletes were banned from the Games right here.

Paralympics 2016 Rio

The opening of the Paralympics 2016 in Rio was officially marked by Google: they have created a special doodle in which animated characters are competing in those kinds of sports Games athletes will take part in Rio.

The dates of Paralympics 2016 are September 7 – September 18, 2106. The Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro just like the regular Olympic Games were. The Games will last for eleven days during which the best of the athletes of the whole world will run for the victory together.

Great Britain’s (GB) Paralympics team is under much pressure now, as their country has high hopes for their physically challenged athletes to win the competitions. The Games will see at least two hundred and seventy athletes in the Games; all of these athletes are promising and gifted, so their fans are keeping their fingers crossed to see them break another record in getting the highest number of medals at the Paralympics.

Paralympics 2016 dates

Last Paralympics were quite tough for GB team, as they had a lot of strong opponents. They only managed to take the third place. The followed China and the Russian Federation, as British physically challenged athletes won thirty-four gold, forty-three silver and forty-three bronze medals.

The opening ceremony of the Paralympics will start at 9.30 pm (BST). The event will take place at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The Paralympics 2016 will be broadcast on Channel Four as well as several other official channels that broadcast sports events of all scales.

The opening ceremony will have flag bearing as a part of the whole process. Great Britain team have decided to choose Lee Pearson as the athlete who will bear the flag of his state. He was chosen for a reason: he became lucky enough to win the Games 10 times so far. He mentioned that he feels enormously honored and happy to be the one to perform this kind of service at the Paralympics 2016. He noted that he feels even more blessed when thinking that he was chosen by the majority of the athletes who gave their votes to him when choosing someone to bear their flag.

Paralympics 2016 team GB

Moreover, Lee Pearson stated that he believes that their country has sent the strongest athletes, and they are destined to win. Pearson believes that it will be a pure pleasure to watch his fellow British physically challenged athletes compete for the gold and win.

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However, not all of the athletes present at the Paralympics are as optimistic about the Games as Great Britain. The Games did not start very well for Russian athletes. After a sad doping scandal, Russian athletes will not compete at the Paralympics. Despite the revealed investigation of the matter, Russia authorities claim that this whole scandal is just a matter of prejudiced attitude of other states to the Russian Federation. Moreover, the Prime Minister of Russia mentioned that he sees this act as an expression of cynicism of Anti-doping Committee against Russia. As Medvedev claimed in one of his latest appeals, this might even be a desire of leading teams to get rid of the most promising athletes of Paralympics, which are the Russian para-athletes.

Paralympics opening 2016

As the committee explained, Russian athletes were aware of the requirements of the doping program for para-athletes. Nevertheless, they ignored them and were tested positive for doping. Since this was not the first time, Paralympics officials decided it was high time to take strict measures.

The committee has also mentioned that they will now control the situation with drugs and doping more closely; and if the Russian Federation wants to be a part of this competition, they will have to be ready for the close examination of each and every athlete. They will need to prove that they are ready to follow the rules and instructions given by the World Anti-Doping Association.

That is when the banned Russian athletes will be let into the Games again, and all the restrictions will be lifted. So far the athletes from all over the world are thrilled to compete for the prizes and bring their best achievements home. So join them as they compete and support them by at least watching and following the Paralympics 2016 on the news and LIVE stream. Keep fingers crossed for your country’s team and good luck!

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