Portugal’s shocking success on Euro 2016: how did it beat France?

Did Portugal really beat the France in Euro 2016? Read the account of the unbelievable story.

Portugal vs France

This story is shocking indeed. No one expected such an outcome of the finals. French team played on their own field, as the Euro 2016 finals were held in their capital city Paris. Learn more about this historical victory.

Portugal vs. France: the unexpected has happened

All the fans and all the bookmakers placed bids on France. Lucky are those, who placed bid on Portugal! No one really expected such an outcome of the game. It bitterly grieved the French! They received this fiasco in the heart of their country – in Paris!

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Portugal France

Portuguese had only one ace – Cristiano Ronaldo.  This talented footballer went to the field from the first seconds of the game. However, on the 25th minute he got injury and was removed from the field. At that time all the chances and favors were on the side of France.


The team’s players have created many opportunities to score and they had a sure chance to do it at least 4 times, but never did. Portugal team stood fast and stopped all the attempts to attack its gates.

Champion 2016

The fateful goal was scored during the overtime.  It was done all alone by Eder. He got the ball and he did all he could to score. The lucky hit was done on105 minute. It seems like France was fairly punished for their unsuccessful and numerous attempts to hit it. What a shame! Now Portugal is celebrating the victory in Euro 2016 and France is getting over the shock!

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