Richest Club In The World

Football is very popular and no wonder clubs get rich. Discover the richest among them in the world.

There are many conflicting views on football clubs. Some believe that the right to represent their country or the city through football is honorable and dignified. Others refute this view, expressing its own, that the players get too much money for too light work. So, what kind of club is the richest club in the world? The answer is one and it does not change from year to year – it is Real Madrid Club. Many have tried to challenge the title, but "Real" keeps the bar.

Richest Club In The World

Club’s history

Richest club in the world was created in the late 19th century, in 1896. However, its current name it has gained only in 1902, when two brothers Palasios named it after one of the Spanish cities. The prefix ​​"Royal" was given yet eighteen years later, in 1920, by the Spain's King Alfonso VIII. Since that time, there were no changes in the name of the club or its location. Laurels of winners literally chased the "Real". They were victorious beginning form the year of origination. They held the title of the champion of the country for four years. And then, after a short break, have retained it for the long sixteen years.

real madrid history

Victories of the international scale began later. The club entered the world stage in the middle of the past century, in 1955. "Real" was approved as a delegate to the World Cup from his native Spain. Participation in the European Cup was obtained by Madrid’s team fifteen times. Before 1970, each year the Spanish went to the championship and went with some trophies. Despite this, they could accept defeat inside of the country, which also happened infrequently. The "Real" shined with gold composition. Once the "old" club’s members retired, the Madrid’s club has given up its position for long twenty years. However, it was only in order to organize a spectacular comeback!

Government of the country

Royal Club, the pride of Spain, has always been inextricably linked to the ruling forces of the country. The club received the most important from governors – sponsorship and inspiration for the upcoming victories. Club’s president Perez was lighted up with colossal idea: he wanted to gather all the best players from around the world inside the club. So "Real" obtained Figo, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo and other famous and talented sportsmen. However, this Star team for the six years of his president’s term brought only two Cups inside the country and only one UEFA Cup.

real madrid fc

The next president of the club sold almost all foreign players. Instead, he decided to purchase  new, younger and, consequently, promising ones. So a team of "Real" included Pepe, Nistelroy and Sneyder. His first game was a success, however, followed was a defeat in the match against Bavaria. The president was dismissed on the grounds that the management was dissatisfied with "not particularly expressive game on the field".

Peres real madridAfter several serious conflicts, "Real" was under the leadership of the “new old” president – Peres. It was not difficult getting back to the post, because all the applicants simply abandoned their applications for this job position. Perez began again its active policy of attracting the "stars" in the team. So, the white shirts received Kaka, Ronaldo and many other young, but already famous players. Unfortunately, the policy of Peres did not give quick results – the first championship was lost, "Real" lost to compatriots – "Barcelona".

The team went thoroughly for the 2010’s season. Again there was a shuffle of a team players, another coach was hired. This year, the "Real" became the second in the world, but the first in the regional arena. The coach said that the team was uprising, the players cheered. The following season was marked again by the purchase of new players. This coach stayed at his post – Mourinho has strengthened and expanded his authority by obtaining additional post of sports manager of the team. Thus, the Spaniards decided to adopt the English management style for club.

Shuffle in the footballers’ composition still continued to occur. Coaches also changed, the president remained unchanged. Peres took a long time before the 2014 "Real" first won the cup of the country and after – the tenth in his account Cup of UEFA.

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Changes in uniform

real madrid uniformIn addition to regular purchases and player substitutions, the team also changed externally. The uniform of the Spanish was originally pure white, only leggings were black. Later colors added blue – as inserts on the epaulettes of t-shirts and colors of gaiters. 

The color later had been replaced by violet, in which collars were painted, as an experiment. For a while, the "Real" maintained strict black-and-white gamma and then returned the blue. And in the end, confirmed his title of "cream" team, by choosing white and creamy as the basic colors.

Stadiums of the team

real madrim stadiumThe famous "Santiago Bernabeu" is the stadium, named after one of the presidents of Spain. It is this ruler was the initiator of the construction of this stadium. Reconstruction of the stadium lasted from the middle of last century. 

Rising incomes of the team have allowed expanding the stadium, replacing the chairs, stands, felling. Capacity of this stadium is huge now and it is more than 84 000 people! It is located, of course, in Madrid.

Sponsors of the team

sponsors of real madridFrom year to year, with ups and downs, the team continuously received the sponsorship of big companies. The company "Adidas" has been a manufacturer and supplier of uniform for the Spaniards at the beginning of their journey, and again returned to the players after 1998. Between 1986 and 1998, "Real" worn the form by Hummel and Kelme. At various times, the players have been sponsored by milk company, manufacturer of home electronics and others. Now the main sponsor of the "Real" until 2018, according to the contract, is an airline of the United Arab Emirates named Fly Emirates.

Budget and earnings of the team

In 2007, the "Real" first declared as the most valuable and expensive club, according to lists of "Forbes" magazine. The budget of the club at the moment is 679.2 million dollars annually. 
The second place is after the Spanish "Barcelona" with a budget of almost USD 40 million less than the "Real" has.

read madrid earningsThese are some of the club purchases: richest football club in the world, "Real" surpassed a few times its own record for the most expensive player acquired. Thus, the average price for the new player of "Real" is about USD 80 million. However, the "Real" have bought persons that are more expensive in early years.

The owners of the club are the fans. They are called socios. The official number of fans, who pay an annual fee for their favorite team, is more than 60 000 people. The fans have the right to elect the president of the club by voting.

During the 2009-2010 seasons, the "Real" has earned about USD 150 million only in the sale of tickets for matches. Income from appearances and mentions on television exceeds this amount by another USD 10 million and is more than 160 million per year. The team also receives a percentage of income from the sale of merchandise and goods with their symbols. Over the last year, this income rose by USD 10 million. According to estimates and statistics, the average football player receives a salary of 7.5 million dollars per year.

Awards and records of the club

The won trophies of the team are:

golden boot real madrid

  • "Golden Boot"
  • "Golden Ball",
  • Best assistant,
  • Top scorer,
  • Player of the Year,
  • World champion,
  • European champion,
  • Olympic champion.

Twenty captains were changed in the history of the club. At the moment, the current captain is Sergio Ramos. Twenty-nine years old, he was born in Spain and had shown himself as a great player. He became the captain of the club only this year, 2015. Ramos admits that it is not only an honor but also a great responsibility. We add that it is also a lot of money: Ramos received an official salary of EUR 4.5 million as just a player in the team. As a captain, he receives EUR 10 million per year.

Sergio Ramos real madrid captainFootball is not only heart-touching game also expensive to the wallet. Every year many tabloids rate and chart the richest clubs in the world. Revenues of players, coaches, team captains and managers do not give rest to journalists. A lot of money spins in the football industry, especially if it's a big football of an international scale. Football club "Real Madrid" is the richest club among the existing ones. Of course, there were ups and downs in the history of the team, along with fails and unquestioning victories.

They also have variety of unique titles. For example, "Real" won the European Cup, now known as the Champions League trophy, as many as five times in a row. The wins of team are honored. And the amounts that "Real" cannot afford are a reward for talent and hard work of all its members. Royal Club = royal expenditure. This hardly can be argued by someone. Moreover, the nearest competitor is also the Spanish club named "Barcelona".

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1st place - I think time is of the essence, starting with football's richest football club in the world. It's a tradition, for several years, the richest club is "real Madrid". Revenue in 2015 amounted to 550 million euros. A decent amount, such a team can buy any player in the world. Of course that real Madrid plays the richest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid, more than a dozen years, is the leader of the championship of Spain, has always had star players that cost a lot of money.And coach of real Madrid, have always been famous people. That's just not very many titles the team brings in its archive.

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