Rio Olympics 2016: Two wrestling coaches take off clothes to protest against match result

It seems like there is another scandal that happened in Rio that we need to talk about. Do you want to know what happened during one of the wrestling matches? Read this article!

Olympics scandals

It seems like we have another Olympics scandal! Even though there were a lot of gossips and scandals on this year’s Rio Olympics, it seems like we have something new to discuss right now.

On Sunday Mongolian wrestling coaches decided to take off their close as a sign of protest of the recent match.

It was a really strange move and most of the public didn’t expect them to perform anything like that.

It happened because the two coaches were not satisfied with the results of the match where Ikhtiyor Navruzov was first losing to Mandakhnaran Ganzorig.

The coaches are blaming the referees of Uzbekistan who thought that the Mongolian athlete wasn’t going to continue fighting because he spent more than 10 seconds running and celebrating.

Therefore they decided to make a challenge where Navruzov won. Ganzorig didn’t expect that to happen. He was already thinking how to celebrate his victory when suddenly this happened.

That’s when the coaches were really desperate and they were really discontent with what happened. Therefore they decided to take off their clothes and protest against match result.

Everyone agreed that it wasn’t fair and a lot of people started chanting “Mongolia!”

Olympics scandals

Other Olympics scandals

Rio Olympics 2016 is being gossiped a lot. There have been so many traumas, dope-scandals and other incidents that made this year’s Games really unforgettable.

Not like that is a good thing though. For instance, another famous Olympics scandal that happened to Lochte is still discussed on the media a lot.

So Lochte lied to the media about being rubbed and it caused a lot of problems to him and to the other athletes who also took part in Rio 2016.

At first people didn’t understand why he did that. In one of his interviews Lochte said that there was a guy who pointed the gun at him and wanted him to get down.

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He said that he didn’t care about the incident that much. However, the organizers of the Olympics were really worried about him and about the safety of the other athletes.

That’s why they decided to check everything to make sure everyone is going to be alright.

They started an investigation and even sent some of the few swimmers home because they were suspected to cause Lochte’s problems. But later everyone found out that everything Lochte said was just a lie.

He most likely did it because the guard at the gas station didn’t want to let him use the restroom.

The journalists and experts agree that there isn’t much sense in his words. He says that they became the victims of the robbery.

Olympics scandals

He was together with his friends, the other American swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and James Feigen who are now back home in the United States.

They were coming back to the Olympic village when something horrible happened to them. It wasn’t very late on Sunday but there was a group of people who suddenly attacked them and tried to mug them.

Lochte tried to describe them in details and he said they had police badge. They didn’t remember much. The guys wanted them to lay down and stay that way. However, Lochte didn’t agree to that.

But the guy supposedly made him do it, he threatened him. The guys who were wearing the badges stole most of his money but didn’t touch the documents and the mobile phone.

They did the same thing to the other swimmers. However, it’s just what the athlete told the media. But is all of it really true? Everyone started to doubt.

Of course it could happen to them. Rio is the capital of crime where anyone can get mugged at any time of the day. Especially if we are talking about drunk people.

Tourists are usually warned that there are great chances they will be robbed when they are going to visit the country.

And even though some athletes actually get rubbed every year in different places, this story still isn’t true. Do you want to know why?

Olympics scandals

Well there is video evidence that proves that there was no such thing as a rubbery. The CCTV of the gas station has captured the swimmers having a conflict with the guard.

There were no rubbers and no people wearing police badges. It proves that all the athletes were just lying about it. They did it because they needed a good explanation about their appearance.

Moreover, another camera captures how they took out all the wallets and other things of their pockets before going through the metal detector.

The people who saw them right after they entered the village again were surprised that the swimmers didn’t look upset or shocked at all.

Of course no one expected them to cry but it’s quite noticeable when something like that happens to a person. Everyone goes through stress and that’s a normal reaction when you experience a rubbery!

But according to the media, there was no evidence supporting the words of the swimmers found. They only found things that proved that he was just a liar. The investigation lasted for a long time.

But finally everyone decided that there was nothing true in the words of the athletes.

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