Rio Olympics 2016: Why was Gabby Douglas criticized in the social media?

Why people criticize Gabby Douglas? How may the criticizing affect Rio Olympics Gymnastics for the USA? Read more to find out!

Gabby Douglas gymnastics

Society can be a cruel mistress, especially for a sportsman. One of the gold medalists Gabby Douglas was severely criticized throughout media and social networks. Gabby Douglas gymnastics career in professional division started in 2010, but only after London Olympics she understood what else a sportsman should fear. Gabby Douglas age is only twenty, but she has already won three gold Olympics medals. Her triumph was in 2012 when she won the All-Around competition on Olympics 2012, but that was the first time when she received a negative reaction from the side of media and her haters. Only in that time, the gold champion understood that tension might come not only from competitors.

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Rio Olympics

Gabby Douglas participates in Rio Olympics. She has already won her next gold Olympic Medal in Team Gymnastics. Nevertheless, her victory and overall performance became an essential element for bullying her. One of the accusation from haters can be described like Gabby Douglas is not patriotic enough. One the award ceremony of USA gymnastics team, when the USA National Anthem was played to the winners, Gabby did not raise her hand to the heart. Many Americans were offended by this gesture. Moreover, according to haters accusation, Gabby is an envy type as she did not cheer her compatriots on the Olympics.

  Olympic Medal in Team Gymnastics

These charges may not be entirely correct about Gabby. According to her justify speech to the press, she represents her country on the Olympic Games. She is proud to be there, and the tension is high. She is one of the African sportsmen that wins in a total sport dominated by Europeans. She informs the press that girls from her team have her respect and cheerfulness for the success, and they know it. Nevertheless, the total company of bulling her in media and social network only gives her anxiety and tension. This company hurts not only her but also continued race of the USA for Olympic Medals.

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