Rio Olympics: Chinese sportsman proposes to his girlfriend on the medal platform

A beautiful proposal of sportsman impressed his girlfriend and all the audience! Check up the photos! Everything you wanted to know about this wonderful proposal here!

Chinese Qin Kai

An extremely touching episode happened on August 14 at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro during the women awarding ceremony. Chinese Qin Kai, who had won the bronze medal in difficult synchronized diving from a springboard at the Games in Rio, made a beautiful marriage proposal to a girlfriend, his beloved He Zi just after the stunning awarding ceremony for at the Games in Rio winners at the Games in Rio in pole from 3-meter springboard.

Olympics 2016

A girl is 25-year-old sportsman. She is from China's. He Zi has already won the silver medal, taking part in difficult competitions in diving from three-meter springboard. However, there was not only one victory that day. He Zi’s young man is also a successful diver in the water. A guy is 30-year-old Kai Qin. A man proposed to his girlfriend right during the award ceremony and as soon as He Zi came down from the Olympic podium with a Olympics 2016 medal around her neck.

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A sportsman stood in front of a girl and gave a beautiful speech, and then opened a stylish red box with an engagement ring. A girl could not keep her emotions and so through tears she at least managed to say ‘yes’.

‘He told a lot of things, he has given a lot of wonderful promises, but the most important thing that my man is a person I can trust for the rest of my days!’ – The girl told a little after.

A girl admitted that she did not expect at all that Qin would make her a proposal. Kai put the ring on girl's finger. And after that he gave her a beautiful red rose in a unique glass case.

The audience supported a couple with loud applause and other athletes were much distracted from their business and also were watching the performance with smiles on their faces.

‘I'm very happy for them,’ - told an American pole diver Abby Johnston.

Olympic Games

‘This is the best time to propose!’ - told Tania Cagnotto, the Italian athlete, who won the third place.

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