Rio Olympics: Nigeria defeats Honduras and wins a bronze medal

Whom Nigerian Olympics team had to overcome to win their medal? How many medals does Nigerian Olympics team have at the end of the Rio Olympics 2016?

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Football at the end of the Rio Olympics-2016 has brought to Nigerians long-expected victory: they have gained the 3rd place, overcoming Honduras with the 3-2 score. The Flying Eagles, as the team is called officially (or the Dream Team 6, if unofficially), has defeated South Americans, Honduras, clashing out 3 goals against their opponents’ two. This allowed them to receive the victorious 3rd place during the match for the bronze at 2016 Olympics.

The scorers were: Umar Sadiq (34th minute and 56th minute) and Aminu Umar (49th minute). Mikel Obi was the most effective ball-passer – his two passes allowed Umar Sadiq and Aminu Umar to make the fine hits eventually, crossing the gates line of the opponent.


Honduras’ Antony Lozano and Marcelo Pereira gave their team two goals, resulting the mentioned final score.

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This bronze allowed Nigerians to enter the medals table at Rio-2016. At the moment, they have 1 bronze medal in the general score of all games. No other medals, including neither gold nor silver, they have.

We recall you that about 6.1 million tickets at this Olympics were put on sell starting from 20 US dollars and higher.

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