Rio Olympics: Nigeria vs. Colombia soccer match review

What happened with Nigeria team on Rio Olympics? How it happened, that in Nigeria vs. Colombia match, Nigeria lost two goals?

Olympics 2016

At the Olympics 2016, Colombia showed the results when it was needed. Unfortunately for Nigerians, the result was showed on their national team. On the Arena dos Corinthians in sunny Sao Paulo in the Nigeria vs. Colombia match, the team from Latin America provided better results with scoring two goals to the gates of Africa team. Nigeria team met with Colombians in the Moscow Olympics 1980, in that match, the Dream Team did not manage to win the Colombians. The Dream Team 2016 also did not manage to win the game against Colombians and collect its first defeat on the Rio Olympics. It`s hoped that next time the team will not play that relaxed.

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Colombia has appeared to be a worthy opponent for Nigerians. They were granted the place for Rio Olympics after defeating the United States in the series of the playoff. Their manager, Carlos Restrepo, gathered a fantastic team of skilled football players. The team was managed to win the South American Championship in 2013. Their star player is Teofilo Gutierrez. He is a fantastic center-forward, who can perfectly mix offense and defense actions. According to the football experts, Colombia national team is waited in semi-finals. Supposedly, last game with Nigerians showed Colombians determination.



One of the favorites of the Olympics. Still, the experts` prediction for Nigerians were modest. It was supposed, that the Dream team wouldn`t manage to leave the group. Nevertheless, they still have a mission to repeat the 1996 Gold Medal Triumph. Their manager is former Super Eagle Samson Siasia. He led the Nigerians to the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. Azubuike Okechukwu is an international level footballer that was named the best player at last African Championship. Nevertheless, the team from Africa showed in the last game with Colombia that they could be distracted easily.

The overall playing results of Nigeria vs. Colombia

The overall playing results of Nigeria vs. Colombia

In the sequence of the winning matches with other teams of the group, the total defeat of Nigeria to Colombia can be named as a disaster. Colombia was a favorite of the game. Still, a relaxed game of the Nigerians helped Colombians in the achieving goals. Therefore, the overall playing performance of the Nigerian players in the match is next:

Daniel Akpeyi (Goal keeper) 5/10

Akpeyi tried to save the gates as much as possible. Still he managed to collect two goals in his gates. Also, he looked quite nervous during the game and did not succeed in commanding his defense. Still, savings in the first forty-five minutes give him five out of ten.

Ndifreke Effiong (Right-back) 5/10

He was not involved in the first two games of the Olympics, but apparently, his first show up against Colombians was not the best idea. He couldn`t cope with the pace of attackers and missed many players in the defending zone. For his opened attacking spaces, he may be joyed only five out of ten.

Palyers of the game

William Troost-Ekong (center-back) 5/10

He provided the viewers with a poor game in his part of the field. He was not very confident in playing with Colombians and looked nervous. After the first goal, instead of gathering power for attacks, he decided to save them for later that had never come, that`s why only five out of ten.

Centre- back, Sincere Seth 3/10

It`s a major worry for the Nigerian team. He did not show the best game in the center of the field. Moreover, he was one of the primary reasons why Colombians kicked the first goal in the match. For his defending struggling and lack of awareness, he can be only granted three of ten.

Olympics Rio

Left-back, Kingsley Madu 4/10

He performed too little impact on the game with Colombians. It`s worth mentioning that he became the place of Stanley Amuzie. Still, he can`t cope with the area. The game performance of the left-back player was insufficient to stop attacks from Colombians; that`s why only four out of ten.

Midfielder, Saliu Popoola 6/10

One the players that showed the real football from Nigeria. He was quite high in tackles and passes. Moreover, tried to attack and lead the team forward. Unfortunately, his attempts of playing were not successful for the team; that`s why he can be only rewarded by mark six out of ten.

Olympics 2016

 Midfielder, Azubuike Okechukwu 4/10

He is supposed to be the star of the Nigeria National team. Nevertheless, in this particular game, the star did not shine. Moreover, the star was exhausted at the end of the game and gave away the possession which led to the second goal from Colombia. Azubuike gets four out of ten.

Midfielder, John Mikel Obi 6/10

One of the stars from Nigerian side of the game. He tried to attack mostly and change the perspective of the match in the favor of Nigerians. Nevertheless, his struggles were in wain. He managed to strike a lot; it can`t be ignored. Still, the attacks were not successful, the mark is only six out of ten.

Colombia Olympics

Forward, Oghenekaro Etebu 5/10

He is a bright player of the match. He tried to find every chance to set the goal in the gates of the Columbians. Unfortunately, the goal moments were not abundant. Therefore, Etebu did not manage to score a single goal out of scarce attacking moments of the Nigerians. The mark for the forward is five out of ten.

Forward, Aminu Umar 4/10

The starting position for this forward was in the place of Imoh Ezekiel. Unfortunately, Aminu failed to impress the general public by his poor performance. He came in the second half of the match with replacing Usman Mohammed. For the unimpressive game, he can only be marked with four out of ten.

Nigeria Olympics

Forward, Umar Sadiq 4/10

The star of the match. He managed to score goals in previous games. Unfortunately, in this match, something went wrong. There was goal score moments from him, still the left unsuccessful. The overall playing performance was quite average for this class of player, only four out of ten.

Forward, Ezekiel Imoh 3/10

He was a pain in the neck for the Colombians in when he replaced Popoola. The overall game pace changed with Imoh arrival. Still, that was not enough to change the score results. Due to the unfortunate timing of the match, he only receives three out of ten.

Rio Olympics

Midfielder, Usman Muhammed 3/10

The same problem with timing. Muhammed came in the right way and used all his power to support the Nigerians in the midfield. Nevertheless, his attempts at the end of the game were in vain due to little time left, so there is only three out of ten for him.

Left back, Stanley Amuzie

This player had a little time for performing his full potential. Nevertheless, in the very short time of coming to the field, he managed to make some impact, but it was little and late in time. The overall mark for his performance can be estimated as two out of ten.

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